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It started when I had a dream where I saw 5 girls running all in a row at the same speed on a track, and sure enough about 3 years later I was at my track meet when I saw five girls running side by side and they were going at the same speed, when I saw them running I had a flashback and the picture in my head turned black and white so I realized it must have been from my dream that I had.

My next encounter was yet again another dream but this time I was at Lake Powell and I saw a person walking away from me in a very narrow hallway, and sure enough I had a flashback and the picture went black and white again. It has also happened a few other times but those were the 2 most important ones. I also can feel when someone is going to get hurt or if I'm going to have a great day, like when I was going camping I had a feeling something bad was going to happen and sure enough my mom hit her eye on a cupboard.

I always feel like I'm alone in this world and I always feel like I can do something someone else can't do. So please tell me if I'm physic. I am very curious to know, I will check this message every day to see if I have any comments. I really need to know my life is going crazy.

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junmo10 (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-08-29)
hey help me. I am having kind of dreams like this. And also I can drain energy from things like cellphone, psp, cameras. Just by touching it.
moondream (4 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-11)
I think you are probably psychic. I have had a few dreams that come true, but not that much. I had a friend that constantly dreams of the future though. She's 13. (like me) Contact me ❤
Casey (3 stories) (33 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-09)
Hi yoandmario,

Everyone who has ever experienced a psychic phenomenon always has to ask if it's real. YOU will know if it is real or not. We can only give out opinions and back you up on your suspicions. If you are able to do paranormal things then you are a psychic. Things that cannot be explained, things that you know would happen, or things that are just plain weird and out of the ordinary are often linked to something paranormal.

Good Luck,

katia (2 stories) (19 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-09)
Funny thing is, as I read this, I had déjà vu:P At the part about the runners.
As these very wise psychic have said, trust me you are not alone. I'm as confused as you are and if you read around as suggested, you'll find others are on the same boat. Don't lose hope, you'll find your answers and destiny will take care of the rest:]
If you want to talk or anything, feel free to email or contact me:] My door is always open:]
TaylorHatesLove (11 stories) (93 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-09)
It probably is alright to say you would have some traits of psychic. To me, a lot of psychics have premonitions/precognitions. That's how I first started out. Course, only the bad things I see come true, never the good, nice dreams I have.:/

Anyway, if you work on your dreams, you can get better. Start writing them down in a journal, what happened, who was there, where was it, etc. You can also look up symbols in a dream dictionary to find out the meaning of your dreams.

I hope this helps. 😊

Taylor ❤
Sunspotter (6 stories) (109 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-08)
You have a bit of preg with you. Like Flykta said, You're not alone. "Psychic" is a word, yes, and I couldn't tell you how many people are psychic. But I guess it's safe to say that you are psychic.
Flykta (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-08)
You seem very intuitive.
After reading around, you're not alone. People dream of the future sometimes, I can't say how much and how many people. But I have. It is interesting...

I think psychic is just a word, don't set yourself around it. You're not alone.

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