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Up until now, I've had quite a few amazing/weird/unexplained experiences, but one stands out and still haunts me until this day. When I was 19, I woke up after falling asleep on my sister's bed, and the first thing I noticed was this outline of a figure at the foot of the bed, everything behind it was distorted as if looking through water. I instinctively knew it was male and had bad/evil intentions. I could see the housekeeper through the slit in the door, she was ironing in the kitchen all the way down the passageway with her back my way, I tried to yell to catch her attention, but couldn't get any sound out of my mouth, I was completely paralyzed and could only move my eyes. It suddenly fell down next to me on the bed, the bedding even hollowed under his weight and then he kind of put his arm over my chest as if to hug me, I was freaking out badly, couldn't move, let alone run. Then passed out... Don't know how long for, but when I woke, I immediately heard the rustling of paper at the desk next to my sisters bed. Again, without really seeing much, I instinctively knew it was him again and he was looking/searching for something in the paperwork.

I sensed he wasn't noticing me and that I had gained some movement. I saw this as my only chance to try and dash for the door. After raising up half way, it turned round in a flash, put its hand on my chest, and paralyzed me back onto the bed... Once again passed out...

When I woke, he was kind of sitting on top of me. Me being a guy, this might sound odd, but I sensed there was a very sexual air to his actions. I don't remember much of this, but do know I instinctively thought/knew/wondered if this was an attempt to try and host my body... Then passed out again...

I woke with him half sunk into my body, almost perceiving the ordeal from a slight distance, the only way to describe was that it looked like the titanic starting to go down. Then I suddenly saw through my own eyes again and there was this crazy feeling of a major battle going on, not physically, but in some weird other way. This part of the memory gets hazy, but I kind of think he was talking or screaming stuff, then passed out again. Woke up still paralyzed, but he was nowhere in the room... Then wondered if he was in me... I laid there for what felt like hours, worrying about where I could go to get help when I could move again, I also noticed the room door was closed now... Then passed out.

I was shook awake by the housekeeper, she said it was time to pick my sisters up from school... Which I immediately did. My sister looked at me and asked if I'd seen a ghost, to which I replied, "yes, I slept in your room". She looked horrified and said "so you have seen him". By this time, my last hopes of it being a series of bad continuing dreams had faded. My sister told me how it always bugged her while sleeping, she even suffered what seemed to be morning sickness and was accused by our mother of having slept around...

Time passed, my mother fell ill with cancer and (by preference) died in her room 10 months later. In those 10 months time, my sister said the spirit was good as gone. That same day I moved back home as my sisters were both still in school. We closed our late mothers room door, and decided to make a big bed in the lounge as a ways of dealing with the sad day that had passed.

I was woken (well, we all were, I only heard the next day) by the sound of closet doors slamming open and closed, rustling of papers, as if someone was looking for something with quite an urgency (once again) and the sound seemed to come from our mother's room. The sounds of searching abruptly stopped. Seconds later footsteps were coming down the hallway. I could only lie still out of terror. My back was turned to where they were coming from but I didn't dare turn round to look. The footsteps kept coming closer and closer and finally stopped at the foot of our floor bed. I was ice cold and could feel it glaring down at us. I was trying to reason that it had been a hard day for us all and that I was imagining all of this. Trying to fall back to sleep but not daring to look around.

My over creative imagination was ruled out by my sister's confessions of hearing the exact same thing the next morning.

Only us three in the house, a series of visits followed. Friends and partners also had experiences (without us talking a word about it). It seemed to favor my new room (my sister's old room). And it always woke me by frightening paralysis followed by some invisible battle which would sometimes seem as dreams. I never ruled out sleep paralysis. But one night a friend (sleeping over) had witnessed this scary dark shadow of a figure walking/floating into my room on one of these nights.

I believe this thing/spirit changed its tactic with time and started moving things, throwing things, even cracking all the glasses over night. Its emptied the contents of my wardrobe in front of me. The moment I felt its presence, I would notice the pets acting very anxious too. It seemed to lose power once I learned to not acknowledge its presence, but always got new ways of not being ignored, as if it needed to be feared, to exist. (I probably sound like a mental case by now).

We have moved on and away since then, but once in a blue moon, I would be woken by the same scary paralysis "dream". The air around each are completely different to those in the house, I'd like to think they might be other spirits. Sometimes scary, sometimes even hart warming.

I once even dared asking what it wanted. Suddenly there was this very faint whispering sound in my one ear, I angrily said I couldn't hear and it had to speak up... It did. The mumbling became louder and louder but I couldn't understand any of it. Needless to say that I was crapping myself. I've had loud breathing in my ear, seen dark figures, heard my name being called, experienced hours of sleep and eerie dreams in minutes, even gotten orbs on my mobile phone's camera on some of these occasions.

Every time I am as scared as the first time, but need help in controlling these events, if they are happening, they must be happening for a reason right! I basically wonder if anyone has the tools on how to deal with these experiences. Because I so want to make them more productive, maybe just give them reason.

Anyone out there experience the same? Or am I just plain nutters?

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mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-22)
I know it's easier said than done because I struggle with the same fears, however, these spirits feed off fear. The more fear you put out, the stronger they become. Use the white light and surround yourselves with it and pray.
Dreamcatcher (guest)
16 years ago (2008-01-24)
I woke up this morning with a spirit on top of me. I told him to leave and he did, I felt it retreiving, then I went to turn the tv on because I was spooked, the cable box was stuck on the "on" mode. I had to disconnect the power to get it back normal, this never happens.
A few months ago, I was attacked in my sleep, semi-concious state, and when I screamed the spirit retreived very fast, I picked up the phone to call my husband and there was so much static I couldn't hear him. My son heard the raucus, so I know I wasn't dreaming.
My kids have seen a dark figure lurking upstairs, in fact my 19 year old son has to sleep with music on the tv on, he so spooked. He used to walk right through spirits in the hallway...
A psychic told me to smudge the house with sage, every corner, every closet, once a month. I guess it's time to cleanse up, again
Darcy (guest)
17 years ago (2007-10-02)
I live in an old apt building that used to be a factory. At night I am always catching figures out the corner of my eye coming out of my sons room. Sometimes the figures are full grown and other times they are small like a kid. I have 2 cats and 1 of them Lilee my Himalayan always goes in the doorway to my sons room and scratches up and down on the door frame. Why is she doing this? We just think she is buggin out but I think there is more to it. If anyone knows what this could be Please tell me.
Spirited One (guest)
17 years ago (2007-08-01)
I've experienced many frightening spirits throughout my life. As a child, our family was surrounded by spirits that were angry. We'd have slamming doors, flying objects, touching, shaking of beds, etc.

Our mom taught us one phrase that usually helps them go away, you might want to try it "I AM GOD'S CHILD. I BELIEVE IN HIS LOVE AND HIS LIGHT. MY SOUL BELONGS TO THE LORD, AND ONLY HE CAN POSSESS IT! I BELONG TO HIM AND ONLY HIM! PLEASE GO AWAY!" Even when paralyzed, your mind still works, so please remember that. Say that phrase over and over again, until the entity leaves.

Another thing that I still do, because I was always afraid was to protect myself. When I lay down to go to sleep, I imagine every cell in my body floating up to my skin and becoming a force field, or you can imagine a white light coming out of the center of your head and slowly surrounding your entire body (another force field). These are both great forms of protection.

As for that spirit in your house, someone needs to tell him that he's dead, and that he should go to God. You guys might have to do this a few times before he listens.
Visions (1 stories) (3 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-27)
Whenever I feel that there is negative energy around me I ask Archangel Michael to surround me with his white light and protect me and I always feel the negative energy disappear. I also say a prayer, usually "Our Father". I agree with Loved and try not to be afraid.
Hope this helps, it certainly helps me.
Loved (guest)
17 years ago (2007-07-27)
Hey! Some frightening experiences you got there. Well it's common that you'd be scared. I haven't experience any ill-will spirits, yet. Maybe you should try telling them to leave the house and stop bothering people. Or if you're christian, you can get a Father to bless the house and exorcise ghosts.

Remember, try not to be afraid. Certain spirits tend to feed off of your fear.

I really hope they stop bothering you guys. It's a real frightening experience as a psychic to be "assaulted" by ghosts.

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