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Psychic Cat Sends Us a Dream


My husband and I were on a 3 day vacation over 300 miles from home. We can't go away any longer than that because our cat is paranoid. She came to us as an abandoned tiny kitten and is afraid of everyone except us. We can't take her to a kennel, she would probably die of fright. So, we leave her in the house with food and water and lots of windows to perch in and watch birds. She is only slightly miffed when we come home.

On the last night of our trip, we both had strange dreams about cats. My dream was of a cat who was wanting to get out of the house. I was afraid that it would get hurt if it did because we live in a rural area where there are owls, foxes and bobcats. It kept trying to run out the door and scratch on the door and I was afraid for it to get out. My husband's dream was about a bunch of kittens in a barn who would scurry out of sight whenever he would come in. He was worried that they had no food and spent his dream looking for food for the kittens. Had we watched a movie about cats recently, read a book? Deciding that it was just a weird coincidence we forgot all about the dreams.

When we got home, we discovered that our cat had accidentally closed herself into the bedroom and was 3 days without food or liter box. She could drink from the toilet. Her food and litter box hadn't been touched so she was trapped the whole time. She must have been so desperate after the second day and was sending us "help me" "let me out" "I'm starving" vibes that we picked up in our sleep. I felt so bad for her.

I always know when she wants inside also. She doesn't meow. I just open the door and she's there. Or I tell my husband to let the cat in, that she's waiting. He doesn't question it anymore and just opens the door.

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SMC (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-10)
such a beautiful story Patricia, just remember love lasts forever ❤
Patricia (guest)
17 years ago (2007-10-02)
I have had my cat Oliver for five years now and love him dearly. I adopted him from a shelter at about 4 months old. He is a pure breed Maine Coon. Last year, Oliver was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus. He is now on PZI insulin shots once daily and is happy and healthy as ever. From the moment I saw Oliver in the cage at the shelter, I knew he would be mine. From the instant I took him in my arms, he crawled up higher to my neck area and just snuggled with me. I was a goner! Mind you, Oliver had been adopted by a single lady and the experience did not go well with either of them. Oliver had developed some sort of stomache disorder, so the lady claimed and he was returned to the shelter. He had been fostered by a lovely lady until I came along. Knowing all of this, I still took Oliver home. He has never had one stomach issue ever in the five years I have had him. In fact, he is a very healthy eater! Well, the reason for this posting is because last night 10/02/07 around 2am, Oliver began making noises I have never heard before... He has always been very vocal, but this was more than just vocalizing! He sounded like he was a child talking or something... It was very odd, I woke up with my heart pounding thinking he wasn't feeling well... Oliver walked me over to the spare room of my apartment as if there was something he wanted to show me... He does that... He will just weave in and out of my legs as I walk and lead me where he wants to take me... I found this behavior quite unusal since he normally sleeps the night without a peep. We looked around the apartment together and then I asked him to come to bed with me. He did willingly and lovingly as he always is and laid on top of my pillow and placed his little front paw on my face... He stayed there for some time. From the moment Oliver and I met, we have had this loving sweet bond. I talk to him all the time as if I know he understands me. I swear when I look into his little eyes, I just know there is more than just a pet there. He has a special way about him. If anyone has had similar experiences, would you be kind enought to email me at sobenina [at] and give me some insight on what may be going on with Oliver. He is very special and dear to me and I would like to provide as good a home as he can have. I guess in the back of mind, I feel like I may not have too much time with him and I want him to be happy... Thanks so much for reading my posting.

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