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Dreams of Future Events in my Life


For a period of time, as far back as around 7-10 years old, I can remember having dreams about events that would soon happen. These events were mostly trivial things such as what episode of my favorite cartoon show would be on the TV next day. As years went on, the dreams seemed to become a bit more detailed and about things slightly less trivial. For example:

1) I was on a vacation with my mother in florida. We were at a dinner show with a pirate theme. We were standing next to the bar and I happened to look over and see a golden bell. At that time I was swept back to a dream I had where I was standing in that very spot. I remember seeing the color red behind the bar, the bell, the lighting, the people standing across the way. This dream was in first person perspective.

2) I was at a 4th of July gathering in 2006 and it was night time. I was standing around a table underneath a portable tent, and all of a sudden it hit me again. I saw the exact situation in my dream, and I can recall it in vivid detail. The color of the tent, the people sitting down playing cards, the light up in the corner. The dream was also in first person perspective.

I know this sounds like a case of deja vu, but I am almost certain that I had actually dreamt of these events. I can not pin point the time I actually had these dreams, but it seemed to be a few months in advance. I also did not make a log of my dreams to cross reference, so I really have no way of verifying any of this. Regardless, this seemed real enough in my mind, so I wanted to share my experience.

Thank you for reading.

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Novice-Dreamer (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-03)
hello I'm new to the site and I've had the same type of dreams
Once I was in the hospital laying next to my father and as he was taking his last breath I knew he was gone and my dad is still alive all I could tell you is he was between 50 and 64 years old and he is only 38 also th dream was first person perspective if you have any information or experts to refer me too that would be great but if you have any info please email me dillonschaefer [at] I'm in dire need of this info.
lilaznfool916 (4 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-02)
i have big differences in my dreams. I dream of something totally different but ends up alike in what happens. I have been writing down my dreams right when I wake up from them a while back. For example, I dreamed I was at school and was talking to a young man. He said "fuhk that nigga". I backed my boy up and we got into a fight. I ended up victor and told my boyz later at school. They replied "there was a shooting". I woke up... About 3-4 months later I'm going to a store. 2 boyz roll up on bikes. They hop off, I do too. One of them says "fuhk that nigga _____" so I end up gettin jumped backing up my boy. I walked away bloody. Later I tell my boyz what happened. A couple days later as I was going home. I got shot by the same boyz tryna retalliate... I forgot all about tha dream. I look into my notebook one day read the dream and realized it was givin me clues all along. What I'm tryna say is pay close attention to your dreams and analyze it. It can tell you the future.
giddy (guest)
16 years ago (2008-03-03)
You know, I have the same experience as you. I'm not quite sure if I'm psychic or anything, but I get that same sense of deja vu a lot. Like I'm clear I dreamed the situation before.
An example was one time a friend invited me to watch his band perform. I went in to the bar, sat down and immediately I remembered seeing the tablecloth and the lighting of the room before. I've never been in that bar before.
Another time, I was talking with someone in my living room, and the very next moment, I knew what she was going to say next because I remembered it in a dream. And she said exactly what I predicted she would say.
I also don't keep a record of my dreams but this has happened way too often to just be coincidental.
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
16 years ago (2007-10-30)
I can't stress enough that everyone who deals with this Psychic looks into the future and premonitions should make timed and dated notes and keep them carefully and review them and you may save someones life including your own if that's what the dream is about.
I begin getting premonitions of Death as far as two years before a person dies and they are not always about people I can reach to warn them to have a checkup or be careful of an accident but I do reach those that I can and the others I keep a watch over to see what happens and sure enough if it comes to me they will die or are in danger of a life threatening accident it always happens.
Some of the people are of an advanced age and I don't know how to make them live longer and so I think the source this comes from just wants me to realize that I have this gift and some I can save and some I cannot save because its their time to go.
If its to be from an accident and I know the people I tell them that this is what I saw and on at least two occassions they and I decided it was my warning them that saved their life when the incident appeared in their daily life.
Fran (guest)
17 years ago (2007-08-28)
I had a dream about 20 years ago where I was visited by a being who took my hand and we entered a strange vehicle that took us to a place that I recall vividly and now 20 years later, I find myself exactly at this place. This place is identicle in every way to what I experienced 20 years before. What does this mean?
irrelevantpyschic (guest)
17 years ago (2007-08-07)
I am turning 40 in a couple of weeks, the last few years I have been having pyschic dreams, of what to me seems so irrelevant. Many times I dream something and then see it in the paper in the morning, or on the news, but it's never exactly the same, but enough to make me stop in my tracks and say, wow I just dreamed about that. For instance... This past Sunday, I was dreaming about a small blue bird in a tree, and I had a feeling that it was mine, a pet that had got loose. Sunday morning I open a section of the paper and there is a picture of a blue parakeet with a caption "Is this your bird?" a few miles away this bird had been living in this tree and the man living there was afraid it wouldn't survive the winter. Why would I dream that? What's the point? That bird had nothing to do with me. So I often wonder, what's the point of having this "gift" , if there isn't something meaninful to it? I also had a visitation dream 11 years ago from a brother in law that died a couple days before, anyone familiar with this phenomenon?
sarahlynn (guest)
17 years ago (2007-08-05)
I'm having a hard time dealing with my dreams lately. Every day I wake up, turn on the t.v. Or go to work and there is something that has to do with dreams I had during the night. This happens pretty much every day. The problem is a dream I had last month. I was trying to find my mother, running around in the country I come upon a farm, I know that's where my mother is but I am too scared to go any further up to the house. The thing is, the past 2 weeks my mom's boyfriend has been getting death threats in the mail from his ex. They broke up 2 months ago, when she found out he was seeing my mom shiat hit the fan. Anyway, my mom took me out to his house last night for the first time, and driving out into the field I flashed back to this dream. It is the same farm that I saw in my dream a month or 2 ago. I told her about it and told her she should not stay there because of this dream. I was terrified, this dream was so real, I knew that my mom was in danger, I knew what road I was on in what part of the county, this was before I knew where he lived. I am just scared because I know from experience that the things I dream about often pop up through out the day. I was wondering if all these little dreams about stupid stuff was a way of making me pay attention to my dreams so I could warn her of this danger. It's funny when it's little things like dreaming of someone bringing donuts to work then showing up and there's donuts there, but how am I supposed to know what will happen and what won't? I hate it that everyone thinks I'm nuts, how do you deal with stuff like this?
Rainernight (guest)
17 years ago (2007-08-05)
Congrats you are a psychic...NOT! That's called pre cognition my friend and everybody has it its somthing about the dream world is part of the 7 planes of existence and there all connected. So don't worry nothings wrong its just that your normal though
P.S. Next time try to dream about the lotto lol
katie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-07-31)
i've also had a black cloud over me twice one in my bedroom and one when I was in my bedroom at my manna's house I thought I was imaginationing it but I wasn't it kept flashing at me. The days I have it like I already had it once before.
one time in a dream I was walking down this street in the olden days there was a boy riding a scooter going to his house it didn't make sense why was a dreaming of that I couldn't see what the street name was. I think something is contacting me cause its so strange no one understands because they don't go through things like this they wouldn't know what its like
katie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-07-31)
i had a dream of a man who was going to harm my sister I would say that he was my sister's stalker anyway 2 days later on Christmas day my sister finds out she has a stalker.
I had a dream on holiday of getting a electric shock it happened the thing is the socket broke in half when my dad knows it was fine when he used it. It happened it came true
I PLAYED that game when you have to guess the number of what the other person is thinking of I guessed my mums number about 10 times everyone right.
My life doesn't add up all the things and a memories don't add up so it could be a past life.
Before I went on holiday I knew something bad was going to happen ye I nearly had a car crash least the 2 way road could fit 3 cars. We didn't make the over tking thing and a car was coming our way and we couldn't get a space back in so we were stuck in the middle of the road.

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