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Psychic Abilities Lost?


I was pondering on my childhood and why my abilities are different from when I was a child. I think my powers developed from a strong desire to want to contact the deep to get to know my father who had passed away before I could remember anything about him. Currently I'm lost because whenever I try to feel or use any of my abilities they don't seem to work.

When I was a child I use to call the things I could do light abilities. I was a pure child bit events took place that had stained me. Now I'm loosing it. I'm not hearing, feeling, or seeing anything anymore. Sometimes they work on there own but not anymore. I can't even feel the third eye. It's really depressing so what it is that I'm asking is, does anyone have any advice?

I don't know if this helps but if I remember correctly my mom had once told me that we had witch decedents. And my aunt suffers from the evil eye or that's what my grandma has said. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and god bless

P.S., I have some memories of my past life. Nothing really big, I just have feelings that I once experienced fighting and wars. I still feel that I remember how to fight bit it's more like a feeling than anything else.

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mediumnick (1 stories) (27 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-28)
you can't just try to make your abilities work for me it just happens. But that is a question why it isn't working. I'm kind of new at this. So I have no idea why its not working so sorry I couldn't help
Donni (24 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-14)
Opart, I too have had feelings and dreams of being a soldier. I had a very realistic dream of being bayoneted by a Japanese soldier in the jungle. I felt the bayonet go through my throat. I am female, but I was a male. I cannot stand to watch anything about war. I also have a fear of deep water. We have many lives and learn more with each one. This time I feel that I'm on my last life. I know for sure that there is reincarnation, and that we've all had many lives. We also choose our lives according to what we need to learn. Life now makes sense to me. D. ❤
Donni (24 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-14)
First of all this is for Oracle. Were you once on QNA? We use to chat occasionally if you are the same person. I love this site. I feel at home. For Opart I understand perfectly what you're talking about. First of all when we have a special encounter or experience, we want it to keep happening, even though it can be a little scary. Let's face it, our spirits are longing for our true home on the Other Side. We are put here to learn and each have an allotted time to be here, so shortening that time is horribly wrong. When I have spiritual encounters they are so unpredictable. I have experienced a smattering of everything. Therefore I started doing a lot of reading, as I needed answers. I'm a Christian, but I found that the Bible left a lot of things out. Now I am a Gnostic Christian, searching for answers, and am quite content with my beliefs. The Witchcraft you mentioned is just an Earth religion. They have gifts, but believe to achieve their purpose they need rituals, spells and potions. Being psychic or sensitive is genetic though. My great grandmother had gifts as did my aunt and my mother, but to a lesser degree. As for me, I know when I'm having a 'dry' period. I still get premonitions and know that my Angels and Guides are with me, but I want more. Meditation and very soft mood music is the key. I have a bad back, so forget the Lotus position. I lay down and picture the white light of God's Holy Spirit around me. I feel so safe and cocooned. I cleanse my mind of all thought, not easy, take the phone off the hook too. I concentrate on communing with my Spirit Guide. They love it when we do this. Just relax and go with whatever flashes in your mind. Once I saw a fiery crash on the freeway. I phoned my husband and he took a different route home. That night the same scene was on the news, just like my vision. Remember God puts us where were needed also. He's all about love. Even in our 'dry' spells we're always being used and we're never alone. We were put here to learn and patience is a lesson also. God will give us what we need when He feels the time is right. Jesus said that the most important thing we can do is to love one another. Out of anything He could have said that was it. So keep on loving and having those quiet meditative times, no drinking, no drugs, just peace, and be sure to Pray for others, as God does hear. Be sure to cherish those spiritual moments that God will give you and thank Him. Remember too that it's not all about seeing Spirits, premonitions, etc. Sometimes A person will appear in our lives and have a need that only we can fulfill. God is using you and letting you know He hasn't forgotten you and that you are loved. As it's been said, "God works in mysterious ways." May you experience God's love and Peace. D. ❤
Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-13)
How to increase your abilities:

The best way to strength or increase psychic ability is to use it. The more you use it, the more it develops and you eventually will learn how it works best for you and how to control it. (Whereas if you feel it is bad, if you fear it, or do not want it, then it will go dormant until you begin to use it again.)

1. Concentration and prayer helps. In other words if you want or need it then it will be there for you.

2. Practise with memory cards.

3. Try to predict the outcome of movies you are watching.

4. Get a lot of sleep and avoid distractions.

5. Avoid msg, processed foods, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol.

6. Meditate and pray in quiet areas where you feel it strongest, and at hours you feel it strongest. Then practise it there.

7. Read up on it more.

8. Sometimes your Guides do not feel needed or wanted, or are busy. If they know you are wanting them, they will return at your request.

9. Research crystals and gemstones. Certain ones can increase psychic ability. Find one which works best for you.

10. Hang out with other psychics. This increases it greatly.

For more of my advice click on my profile.

Oracle, Psychic and Medium for 42 years
SpiritCouncil (23 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-12)
Anything can disapear, and can be lost, but what is lost is possible to be found again. It could be that as you get older your powers might be disapearing. You said that your power just worked on its own, it might still be with you but weak. You should try to pratice simple things with your powers and help it grow.

-Renea (Rin Amu)
opart1 (2 stories) (35 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-11)
I'm sorry let me correct that I was told that I have witch ancestors or my ancestors were targeted by witches it's either one of them I would ask my mom but she doesn't like to talk about it so I'm not sure if it's a bad thing or a good thing. IThimk she told me that she has predition abilites and my fathers side of the family had said that they have seen my dead father before and my mom said that she felt his presents once when she was sleeping and he shook the bed so she had the feeling that we had to see his mom in NY so we did and that was when we found out that be really had sent us to see his mom. And for my aunt I have nothin to worry about she makes everyone around her miserable so I and my family doesn't associate with her anymore. I have tried meditating to some meditation music on utube but I just don't really feel anything really. I have been trying to reconnect with myself and abilites but I seem to be lost. As for the spirit guides how do I connect with them?

Thanks everyone who's trying to help me I really feel
QueenScarlet (guest)
12 years ago (2009-07-11)
I think that our abilities grow and change as we do because they are a part of who we are. And depending on what we really want or believe we need, the ability might connect with it. One question, have you tried meditating recently? Meditation really, really helps bring peace to the mind and quiet the "chatter", along with bringing stronger focus and helps us open to our psychic abilities. Like Aine said, try to find a sort of santuary for yourself either in "reality" or in your mind (ex: a sanctuary in the mind could be you sitting comfortably in a spacey room of white color [the white is color of protection], a sanctuary in "reality" could be sitting under a tree in a quiet forest/park that's nearby).

Now when you say that your mom once told you your family had witch decendants, did you mean ascendants/ancestors? Because if you meant what you wrote then it would mean you, your mom, etc would be the witches, not your grandparents, great-grandparents, great-aunts, etc. Just to clarify things.

With what you said about your aunt suffering from the evil eye, you should remember one thing, curses/hexes/etc only have power over you/others if you/they believe curses do, otherwise there's no need to worry. But even if you are a bit worried that the evil eye (that's supposedly targeted on your aunt) may affect you in any way, simply ask protection from your spirit guides, guardian angels, where stones of protection, etc.

Hope I helped. If you have quesions about my post or story or just want to chat, let me know.

Love and Light. 😊
opart1 (2 stories) (35 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-11)

Honestly I'm not sure but I get the feeling that I died fighting. When I was a child I use to get glimps when I use to fall asleep. Nothing big cause I could never really remember what I dreamed but it feels like I died for something I truly care about. When my cousin and I use to play fight is when that fighting spirt of mines truly shows. And I'm affraid of violence but when I'm forced into a corner I feel a rage kind of like a kill instinct and I fight back. When ever we talk about how we fough he says that at that point it's like I'm a different person. Everyone who's close to me have always told me that I have no idea how strong I really am and the things I could do as well. 😁
Aine (2 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-10)
I have found that in periods of great emotional upset and turmoil in my life I tend to lose my abilities. Especially when I am putting a lot of focus on the problems I am experiencing. Also, when I was pregnant I did not see anything for months (will post about that a little later.) Lately, I have been using some aromatherapy methods for spiritual cleansing that have increased my abilities by bringing about a deep sense of calm and well-being. Specifically for me, oils of rose, bergamot, and tea tree. Since doing this my eyes have been more opened because my mind has been freed of some serious past hurts. Find a sanctuary or holy place and go there. Pray and ask that your burdens be lifted and your sight restored. This also helps me at times.
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-10)
Oh wow. It seems that you are retro cognitive. What kind of warrior are you in the past? 😁

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