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Brewing Up A Storm


This all started out last Monday Night. I have swim practice every morning and I was really tired and I really didn't want to go. I figured if it poured/thunderstorm then I wouldn't have to go. I tried to make it happen by concentrating very hard on the center of my forehead and screaming (in my mind) "Pour, Rain". I forgot the storm part, but it was midnight so it wasn't exactly registering.

The next morning I woke up and I had swim practice. When I walked outside I could see that there had been a very short, very fast, and very unstable downpour last night. The rain fits the exact description of my mindset that night. Feeling pretty proud of myself, I went to practice and nothing more happened until Tuesday night (The same day) when I had a swim meet.

When I got to the swim meet I wrote down my 4 events which were in the following order: 17- 50 free, 35- 50 breast, 47- 50 back, and 63- 100 free. The (17-) and such are the event number, because events are grouped like that. I enjoy swimming all of that except the '100 free. When the time came to swim the 100 free (about 5 events before) I started to get a bit anxious because I don't really want to swim this and it's my worst event. So I'm going up to the seating area and all of the sudden "Boom!" and we hear thunder, followed up by a different strike of lightning a few seconds later. The meet was cancelled, and I didn't have to swim my 100 free.

The thing is neither of those weather forecasts were predicted, and my mom and my grandma were even talking about how strange it was for the thunderstorm to happen.

After these two experiences I realized that they weren't the first. At a different meet earlier on in the season I had the 100 free to swim and lightning was spotted as I was on the block, about the swim it. I didn't have to swim the 100 free after all.

Also a little less than a year ago I was playing with one of my 8 sided dies (I collect 8 sided dice) and just said in my mind "The next thunder storm will be how many days from now?" I rolled and got a 4. Four days later a thunderstorm hit us, the first time in months.

Two days ago I was sitting outside while it was raining lightly (a break in another storm) and I was very sad/angry/hopeless because I had picked up about 5 other people's emotions (I'm an Empath also) and my friend had said something on the phone to her friend that was directed as a negative comment towards me (she didn't realize I was listening). I was crying and I was so furious that the light rain turned into short downpours and the wind blew harder at the tree that I was staring at and lightning struck the air. I soon got over this anger and sadness and went back inside, soaked. The rain became lighter as my emotions became lighter.

Yesterday it stormed (again, it rains all the time where I live always has). My family just moved into a new house (same town, just different house) and so we were unpacking boxes. I had put some dolls of mine (they used to be my mom's favorite dolls) in the Goodwill box because I didn't want them anymore and I didn't think my mom would, either. She did, and she was very unhappy about it and was mad/sad. I, being the empath, picked up her emotions and then it started to pour. When she left my room my emotions returned to normal, and the rain ceased.

That's all of my experiences with this topic, but my questions are:

Why now? All those experiences are over a week's time and the other one that happened a year ago was half preg. It seems strange to me.

How do I control this/get better at it? I mean should I just try to make it pour all the time? It seems to me I have to be mad/sad to make it happen and I don't really like being either.

Also I'm not sure if the sky actually clears up after my emotions return to normal. Then again, the sky is always gray here. Well that's about it, and I'd appreciate a word of advice on this and if this happens to anyone else.

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KaseyLyndal (3 stories) (34 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-18)
Now that I think about it I (along with 3 others) got it to stop raining for a very short period of time before it restarted. I was only 3 or 4 at the time the others were around the same age as me. We did this multiple times in a row. The rain would stop start stop start... Until my mom brought me and my brother inside because of the odd weather.
Thunderstorm (18 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-08)
I do have connection to the weather through my emotions... Sometimes it feels good to be able to release all that emotions but however the side effect is that I might be affecting the weather... And it often resulted in severe damages to properties but never our's... Just the neighbours' and also the surrounding area near my house... Thus meditation really come in handy to me as it helps me a lot in controlling my emotions...
DarkWolf (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-26)
Sunspotter I'm like you. I am an empath and can control weather. My emotions don't control the weather as much anymore now that I'm aware of it. I hope we can help each other out. P.S. You can call me Dakota if you want to.
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-26)
You are a strong atmokinetic kind of a person. Just use your ability for the good of others or somehow if you felt that it is hot so that you can cool yourself up.

X-men is a good cartoon movie. But I like wolverine more than Storm. Lol XD

I laughed as soon as I read your comment to sunspotter. I think he is the suspect behind those storms but I don't mean that sunspotter is that bad. I think he had his reasons to call rain (maybe he felt a little hot and he only wanted to cool everything up) (Another is I think he wants to water the plants and trees so that they grow even more healthy. Good day to allπŸ˜† ❀
flames55 (10 posts)
14 years ago (2009-09-05)
Hey Sunspotter,
I'm just wondering where in Pensylvania you live, because I live in PA too, and we've been having a few storms lately -
I'm curious if you were doing it...? (not mad or anything, just wondering...)
Sunspotter (6 stories) (109 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-03)
Alright, thanks everyone. Currently I'm working on making the clouds go a certain's working so far!
Empathsam (3 stories) (109 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-29)
Want help with your concentration? Get Aderal, ask your doc about it. I take it for my ADD and I'm like I never even had it.
Galmordagan (8 stories) (51 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-29)
ADD aside (I have diagnosed attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity disorder) - as long as you adhere to a discplined lifestyle and concentration exercises you should do okay.

I read on here that ADD is linked to a state of mind other than Beta, I'm not all that clued up on brain waves but the information seems highly plausible and can be found under the article section of this website.

I was always told ADD was the result of a chemical imbalance for which Dexamphetamine Sulphate or Ritalin was usually prescribed according to the severity of the disorder by a specialist doctor. Is it really a disorder though? Perhaps not.
Empathsam (3 stories) (109 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-28)
Ok your description is atmokinesis, and The dice roll was your decision still. You asked, and took the answer 4. The dice rolled randomly. You just did atmokinesis. Extremely rare gift, can control weather basicly. Like storm in X-Men. Just not instantly like X-Men. πŸ˜‰
Sunspotter (6 stories) (109 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-28)
Thanks everyone. I try to meditate sometimes, but it's hard for me because I have undiagnosed ADD. Also Gam thanks for the info:)
Galmordagan (8 stories) (51 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-27)
If you refer to the glossary on this website it states:

"Psychokinesis (telekinesis)
Paranormal ability of the mind to influence matter, time, space, or energy without the use of any currently known type of physical means. Various psychokinetic abilities ares aerokinesis (wind), atmokinesis (atmosphere), atmoskinesis (four elemental elements), biokinesis (human body), chronokinesis (time), cyrokinesis (ice), electrokinesis (electricity), hydrokinesis (water), magnokinesis (metal), photokinesis (light), pyrokinesis (fire), telekinesis (objects)."

I would assume then that your skill relates to: aerokinesis, hydrokinesis, and atmokinesis. My skills if they are indeed linked to psychokinesis, would be related to photokinesis, pyrokinesis, and electrokinesis. Id imagine you'd also add photokinesis to your list. Whether the spark-energy phenomenon is related to energy/light/spirit or something else, who knows? There is much that is difficult or near impossible to capture through conventional modern scientific means.

The human body is something we can measure and diagnose to a degree, but to perceive the true mysteries, that we have no scientific answers for and those of spirit/soul/non-physical nature, we have only others like us to turn to. It is my belief that the great practioners of such skills must have been persecuted and killed, which would account for why we have no truly reputable known physical avenue to delve into for the knowledge we all seek. Such practices have been deemed forbidden by society from day dot in the majority of cases it would seem.
TaylorHatesLove (11 stories) (93 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-27)
You might be like me, a atmokinetic. But I rarely have luck when I make storms. You're stronger and more in tune with it. That's awesome!

Usually my mood affects the weather. When I'm mad/upset it storms. I'm in a good mood now, so it's nice and sunny outside. πŸ˜‰

Meditation works, especially when you're really focused on what you want the weather to do.

I hope this helps!

Taylor ❀
Winter_Lilly (12 stories) (86 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-27)
First off, wow. Your abilities are strong.

Second, I am also able to control a bit of the climate (little showers, winds, light snow, etc.) and animals always come to me.

You're normal and somehow you're empath abilities have mixed with your other ability to control rain and such. That is kind of normal. When I first had an emapth feeling (anger), I thought of wind and a huge wind knocked down the bird feeder in my yard and now when I feel someone's feelings, I can't control anything with the elements unless I say something outloud.

Meditation is key. Try to separate your abilities of climate/weather control and empath abilities. They have somehow grown togther and now, you must separate them because if you don't, someone may get sad enough to cause a huge downpour.

Be careful and hope this helps.:)

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