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Premonitions And The Black Figure


I am Saasha, I am a born again believer. Ever since I started believing in god which was 5 years back, I started having dreams and few visions of things which happened in a day or two. It used to be as small as the dress color or weather conditions would be the same the next day. First I got really scared but now I want to embrace it as it did save my life.

One of my recent experiences was the dream I had of my fiancée whom I had known for 7 years who had never laid a hand on me. Everything was fine in the relationship but I got a dream that he had hit me up badly and was pulling me by my hair. I got up scared and in few days I found out he was cheating on me and when we fought he did the same as in my dream. This freaked me out completely. Obviously I have broken up with him. But like this I have had so many dreams coming true. For example, I saw (dream) a plane crash where no one got hurt which happened, I would see people in my dream and the next day I would see them somehow. I also can know sometimes who is calling. Certain things like these happen to me every now and then. The scariest part is some things are too scary to believe but they do end up happening.

Also one of the things I want to tell is that, when I was in my room, I used to see a black shadow next to me. At that time I can't move or scream but I prayed for it to go away. All it would do is stand next to me and look down. It only looked like a black figure, no hands face and legs.

I want to know what it was and if it happened to anyone else?

All I want to know is what to do with them? How can I help people? How can I grow in this gift which I used to think was a curse once. I feel its god who has opened up my mind to see things.

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XXKanaZeckeraXX (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-18)
Thats amasing you have the same experiences I usually have except alittle different. I have dream premenitions to, and I know things sometimes without any knowlege what so ever... One thing though that freked me out to day which is how I have goten on your page was that a few weeks ago I was meditating. Well all the sudden I was seeing a blue like screen almost, and these black figures just keept walking past me over and over and over and over again just walking in a line... A few times it seemed like theyd walk towards me and go right through me almost... I couldn't see a detail, or anything its just figures that are black, its almost like they don't even know I'm there or something its weird... Well I told my mom about it today because I'm a 17 year old tenager and somehow we got on the subject of visions. Well I told her about it and all the sudden her eyes just got big and she said Oh gosh honey you got that from me... Aparently my mom has seem it muliple times and it probly started happening when she was my age... Well heres the freky part my mom said everytime id happen someone in the family would die... So yeah I completly understand what's happening with you...
saasha (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-29)
thanks, its good to know that I am not alone. When I tell my closed ones they try and understand but obv not able to help me. This site is surely wonderful for people like us. Waiting to read your story cyopathic 😊
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-28)
Yes this has happened to me read it in my artincle should come out soon 🤔 and your not alone

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