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The End As We Know It


It all starts when I was eight with my best friend Carlos. He was special and he always knew everything. He knew when something was going to happen; he also knew every one's secrets. He trusted me with telling me why he was so different why "we" were so different than everyone at school.

He was born with a demon inside of him, and it was a part of his soul. His demon told him everything, about the past, the present, and the future. It still lives with him today, he told me that the reason we met was so that I could help him and that we were friends even before we were born. I moved away but I visit him at least 5 times a year, a week at a time.

His Demon told me that Satan will be revealed soon, but he didn't tell me when. This got me thinking, so this summer I convinced my mom to go to Israel, we went but she never discovered my true intentions. I went to the holy land, went to Jesus' tomb and stuff. My goal was to control my spirit and get ready for an exorcism.

Back when I was eight I could see my Guardian angel, I could talk and feel angels, spirits, demons, also feel emotions of living people. I was always special and Carlos made me realize all of this. This guy knows the day of his death. He is 16 now and I'm 14 but for some reason I have this feeling in the back of my head, even after all this time that I shouldn't believe him.

This is the story I've been wanting to write this whole time. Since I've belonged to this site which is about a year. So I'm asking you should I believe him or should I think his crazy?

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brainboy (14 posts)
11 years ago (2011-04-19)
No he isn't lying there is 2 prophecies about 2012 I have heard and one of them coincides with what he says sadly I am not allowed to give the whole truth just some of it and it's almost like a rhyme but everytine I hear it there is an eerie feeling about it
Here it is:
If you all unite as one
A riot shall break out soon
Also beware what lurks at noon
You will die from panic and fear
And all will see the Devil near

My life has been spiralling out of control ever since the end of 2009 and if you were to here my whole story it would be extremely freaky but I can also say that I am almost exactly like your friend but different
jbrown9384 (100 posts)
13 years ago (2009-08-13)
Hey cyopathic! Today was the worst day of my junior year! I was so mad until it was tennis practice. 😊 Anyways, hi! 😁
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
13 years ago (2009-08-13)
Well it looks like this storie is up and running again I am going to have to agree with victoria I think you should find out if it is a demon if it is you should do what you feel like you should do if it gets out of hand contact us or a local preist or pray but like what I say find out before you act. 😁
VictoriaRose (3 stories) (39 posts)
13 years ago (2009-08-13)
There could be many answers to your question.

1) He is lieing
2) He is posessed
3) He himself could be "evil" for a lack of a better word.

What you need to do is stop listening tp these other people. Take time to yourself, look at the time you two had together and ask yourself

When I'm with him do I feel bad,sad,negitive?
Does he ever make me feel uncomfortable?
Has he ever gotten aggresive toward me?
Has his "Demons predictions" ever come true?
And if you believe he does have a demon inside of him do you think you could "help" him like he thinks you can?

Because if a demon has taken over somebody wouldn't you think they wouldn't want someone else to jepardize that? I don't mean to sound accusing of your friend, but if he does have a demon in him he might just want to get you on his side and have you become ***evil too.
You should really search your heart don't let religion, emotions toward him interfer.
What you feel toward the demon is what you should focus on. If you think he wants to hurt you or others I suggest stop being friends with him. And taking protection in whatever religion you perfer.

***sorry again for the lack of a better word! Lol.

XtjrX (7 stories) (300 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-31)
The "end" is just the onset of a new beginning. The 7th cycle will commence in our lifetimes. The wavelegnths of light we see, hear, touch, taste, etc as "reality" are going to collapse, and the world as previously experienced will no longer "exist"...but this is in NO way the "end" of it all. Hope this helps. X
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-31)
This is how I am seeing it so far your friend needs some help and I am not going to get religous saying what you should believe and what you shoulnt Your friend is with a demon inside him demons have a weird way of working I am not saying they exist I know they exist from experince I now what they look like and what they believe if any of you guys have a diffrence against what my experince has been go ahead and reply back and I will gladly reply back. But tell me about your friend I can't do anything until I can tell you what might be best. 😁
deb1980 (1 stories) (12 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-30)
I think this could be explained another way. Having been raised catholic, I was always taught that demons are very negative and generally try to take control of their subject. I think what has happened is that your friend is very clairvoyant and because of what he has been shown may be personifying his ability as a demon. I wouldn't necessarily prepare for the "exorcism", because my feeling is that Satan may be a description of very negative person (s) that gain power. What was not mentioned in your story is whether or not he has shared some events with you that have since come to fruition. If in fact he has and you believe he has abilities, my advice would be to meditate and reconnect with your abilities. Once you do this you will know for sure. I hope this helps 😁
revsilverson (guest)
13 years ago (2009-07-30)
the Divine Spirit did not create demons, satan or hell. Humankind did that from fear. The more you believe in these things the more you are sending out negative energy into the universe and the harder the rest of us must work to neutralise your negativity.

By believing in demons you are doing their work by spreading the word about them. You are advertising for them. If you belieive they exist you will attract that kind of negativity and spread it to your loved ones and/or other people or places.

Your friend was not born with a demon inside him since they do not exist. He is looking for a weird kind of attention. I would not stay close to him as he can infect you with negativity (if he hasn't already). Say a prayer of cleansing for him. Help him get that negativity out. That would be a wonderful thing to do.

Love and Light
Maria216 (2 stories) (53 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-30)
Hi Empathsam,
I am a Catholic and of course I believe the Holy Trinity (God,Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit). I also believe there's a demon.

Tommyboy, you must keep faith to God/Jesus/HolySpirit, ask for His protection, guidance and Love and He will be the one to keep you away from bad entities. If you need protection, read the Psalm 91 (from the Holy Bible) and you will see what I am talking about. Remember, God will always be your Savior no matter what happens. God bless.
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-29)
Allright Empathsam I kind of do but after what I been therw I want a spific one there's been so many churchs with a diffrent reson why they have it like this one church over here in my town/city the only diffrents they are not one church is because one worships statues of jesus and the virgin mary and the other one worships him threw prayer but they both worship him threw prayer and some other churchs with the same christian religon are prefered to be spereted but still a christin religon like mormans,jehovawitness,chrisians they are made into a divsion sort of they have competions with fund raisers and so and sometimes say the other religon is wrong after they are in the same chrisian group just divided. And let me tell you a part I went threw I know these demons they stay away from me but any time I walk into one its more of a stand off if my article gets out try reading it (Its long) I do believe there is a jesus out there some where but other religons have been scatering it around like a puzzle. Ok back to the problem your friend has a demon in him ok demons ussaly talk about satan ruling the world I want you to tell your parents to get a execisem or poor some holy water on his head to bring the demon out if you are lucky you will here from him tell him what is his name if he does not reply say it loud and proud "By the name of jesus christ I command you to leave this vessel" keep saying it or go to your nearest preist and bring your friend along and by any intrest if you tell him about this see if he can tell us his syntoms and I will be able to help.
Empathsam (3 stories) (109 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-29)
Does anybody besides me on this site actually believe in Jesus Christ? I mean sure they believe in demons but not christ. Bring the lord jesus into your heart. I did. I don't really think your possesed. Exspecially by a demon. And satans release? God imprisoned him for 1000 years. And for that 1000 years all who went to hell were in heaven. When he is released all doomed to dwell in hell will go back. That's what his release is.

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