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My Child Is Aware Of Spirits Too


It happened. I've been holding my breath knowing that my daughter may be 'sentient' too, and 'see, feel, hear' as I have these past years of my adult life, and as of last night, my concern about that was confirmed.

She's 11, and had a peaceful life, very unlike my childhood. That is perhaps why it took until I was in my 30's (I'm 39 now) to all of a sudden start to 'see' spirits, etc. It kind of flooded my life. Perhaps without the stress like I had endured, she is more 'open' and relaxed to become 'awake'.

She woke me up at 4:00 a.m., this morning, complaining that the news was keeping her awake. I asked what she was hearing. She said that it was a lot of people talking all at once, and she couldn't get to sleep. (oops, here we go).

I found my nano (ipod) that for myself I keep lots of perky harp (Celtic) music in for at night, when I have issues with sleep due to spirit activity. It always helps me. It sounds 'happy' and it changes the way I may feel (grumpy, annoyed, tireddddd) and I usually get to sleep again.

She fell asleep pretty fast, and I stayed with her. In general, everywhere I go this past month or so, I tend to 'feel' energies, or spirit activity; I 'feel' it (them) like taps, or bumps or electricity making my arm or neck hairs stand up. I'll get verbiage once in a while too. Her room was no different. I did some 'angel' work. It was 'zippy' in the room, but not 'scary' feeling.

She's not to keen on 'ghostee' stuff, & so far I haven't shared ANY of my experiences with her, or my teenage son-but have wondered if they too, were medium-icular, as I apparently am. Well, I guess so.

Now's the tricky part, helping her with awareness, without all the fear I myself have had to deal with. Maybe in guiding her, it will help me heal fear too. Hmmm.


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brifischer05 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2009-09-25)
That's pretty cool. I don't doubt at all what abilities you have and I think it would be wonderful if your daughter did in fact inherit that gift as well. I would keep an open mind however and bring this up again to her and see if it continues throughout her day (s). I pray that this is not the case but I do know that schizophrenia can start to show itself with such symptoms - just wanted to throw it out there.
seileann (guest)
11 years ago (2009-09-21)
Its kind of fortunate that because my daughter enjoys doing 'child' yoga sometimes along to a dvd she has, I'd taught her some 'grounding' techniques I'd learned from a one day mediumship course! Though I don't mention the mediumship part of it, I just mentioned that after she does yoga, & likes to sit and 'meditate' for like, 5 minutes...its good time for her to practice 'mindfulness' and imagine 'tree roots' at her base chakra area going into the Earth.

This has helped lay some groundwork for the stronger 'shielding and grounding' work I've begun to introduce her too. Too much too soon scares her~I don't tell her its spirits she's hearing/seeing (more Sat. Night) as that concept is really frightening and I'll know when she can handle the facts a bit down the road.

I do wish the process of 'awakening' would not have to be a scary one for so many of us. It seems to be very common for it to be.

laurenge (3 stories) (46 posts)
11 years ago (2009-09-19)
I think she is psychic too!:) Congradulations! When I was about 9-10 I fully came to realize that I had these abilities. Its around there when I think most people who are born with it, or start to get abilities around this age.
raiona (24 posts)
11 years ago (2009-09-17)
hello seilann

That stuff started happening with my daughter too when she was 5. I explained what was going on with her because I sore what she was seeing. Not all spirits are kind and send us nice messages. We can't protect our gifted children from what is really happening around them otherwise they will live in fear.

You can visit a crystal shop and buy your child some rose quart crystals to help them with spirit protection. Also if need been place a protection barrier around your property so spirits can't walk in your house they be barred. If you know anyone who can assist you that would be awesome. It envolves self awareness of your own sprit guides or guardian angels kind of like our own secruity service. Meditation is envolved or start talking to your self out loud to your spirit guides or talk to people who know about protection.

If the spirits your child hears are house bound then clensing would be needed. Teach your child not fear these voices teach to accept what's going on. FEAR stands for False Emotions Appearing Real. I have come to relise with spirits there just like spoilt 3 year olds who can't get there own way.
Good luck 😁
WanderingWayne (4 stories) (107 posts)
11 years ago (2009-09-17)
I don't have spirits talking to me or see anything that scares me. I see people with my eyes closed a little and a few things so I don't really know what it's like to be scared by spirits exactly. Saw a ghost kind of thing when I was a kid and it scared me. I do a lot of reading and since I started to see things and feel energies I've turned more than before to the psychic stuff to read. I'm in the middle of a book by Dr. Bruce Goldberg called "Spirit Guide Contact Through Hypnosis". Its full of exercises to increase psychic powers, meet guides etc. To me it sounds a little far out there with some of the things. He says we can learned from self hypnosis, meditation and imagery about other dimensions, different realities, etc. The last three books I've read have been about spirit guides, angles and spirits good and bad. If she has an ability to see and/or hear things like this I would think it would be a good idea to give her some kind of frame work in which she can work out some of this stuff and not be afraid of it. Most things I've read say fear impowers lower spirits, so fear can breed more fear and on and on. In this book Goldberg gives you a heirarchy of the spirit world, lower spirits, higher spirits, spirits trapped on earth, angles and other things. I would think that if you went over some of this stuff with her and told her this guy says this is the way it is and others have different opinions but kind of similar and tell her some of the things you think, it might give her ideas with a positive outlook, take away the unknown factor to some extent and make it less scary. Also maybe psychic protection tips from the book might give her some confidence in her ability to be in control somewhat during scary times. A couple other books I've read lately are by John Holland and Belleruth Napersteck that talk about much the same stuff with a little bit different ideas. Good books by good people. John Holland has a web site and Email and I understand he answers peoples Emails and seem like a nice guy. I've never written. You might want to find out his thoughts on how to bring the subject up?
Kaly30 (2 stories) (19 posts)
11 years ago (2009-09-16)
Wow seileann, that's interesting.

I'm right about your age, having similar experiences as we've talked about. I didn't realize your child was experiencing somewhat same experience as you.

What a coincidence that my 15 year old is also experiencing the same things I'm experiencing. When he wakes up in the middle of the night in fright to tell me what has happen, it's very hard to tell him what is happening or how to even handle the situation.

I dont' tell him what I think is happening and I don't tell him I, myself is going through the same.

It's sad, but he sleeps each night with his ear phones on, blanket over his face with a small opening just so he can breathe.

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