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I Know I May Be Psychic. What Kind?


I'm not exactly sure how to start, so I'll just get right to it. I'm 14, currently a freshman in High school. I have had my fair share of experiences, but I want to know if I'm overreacting to this. I have been told that I have paranormal abilities but I'm having a hard time being convinced. I will not tell my family. If I even hint at something like that they just tell me to shut up, its not real. I have had a lot of experiences and many of them are important. So I guess ill start at my first.

I was about three or four and we still lived in Minnesota. I was in my bedroom sitting in my bed being very relaxed but I remember thinking hard about just something; I can't remember what it was. But I blinked and it was suddenly morning! No one believes me on this, because our memories change over time, especially ones from our young days. This sounds crazy, no one can make night day. But I'm not sure what happened.

I was always a very strange little kid. I was obsessed with Halloween and from about 1st to like, fourth grade I believed I was a witch. A lot of children do think they have magical powers though. I just always had this weird feeling that I was right. Me and my best friend, (that I am still very close with now) Christen, would dig in the playground in the woodchips because we thought there was a graveyard before our school was built. We once found a little charm. It was very pretty- silver and burgundy. We still have it. We always had a feeling that it was a charm that could make you have powers. Were we just being silly little kids? She never really thinks of it anymore. She just thought it was funny what we did when we were 6.

I stopped thinking about it for awhile, but I was still intrigued. I would watch shows like Truth or Scare, things like that. But as I got older I got into other things. I just recently got more into the paranormal, like Last April I started watching Paranormal State:) and the first one I saw I had a lot of the same problems as the girl who they were helping.

My bathroom door opens and closed in the night, and I have seen shadows and spirits in my house and at school. My bed has shaken and I have seen a woman in my room who hums. Something in my bathroom also whipped my shower curtain once.

I was recently in the E.R., because I had a constant headache for about 9 days. My mom and I were in the waiting room and I just got this overwhelming sadness. I was crying really hard. My mom thought it was because of this little girl who was wailing because she fell and my mom thought it hurt my head. It did, but that's not why I was crying. Later they gave me an I.V and I was drifting in and out of sleep, and its like I was watching myself at points. It may have been the drugs they gave me, because I felt totally stoned! I just felt the sadness in the building and the room felt much more crowded than it was.

One of my friends knows about what is going on with me. Her name is Alison but we don't really talk about it. What do you guys think? How can I develop these things? And what kind am i?



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mamalion (18 posts)
11 years ago (2010-07-28)
❤ I agree with you, she is an empath.
I recently read someone elses story about coping with this gift and since you and I and many people on this site share this gift we should all share methods on how to block and shield our selves cause sometimes I can't deal with it. I go out into the world and come home angry, sad or just feeling gross. So if anyone can share some advise I would gratelly appreciate it mamlion
Tessalovesmusic (3 stories) (72 posts)
12 years ago (2009-10-14)
Well an empath, if the little girl was crying and you all of a sudden started crying that's an empath picking up on other peoples feelings. A medium, seeing ghosts. I'm not sure about the night and day thing, I've never heard of it before, I'm sure somebody else can help you there who knows what there talking about. But truth be told t.v. Shows are not always as real as they say they are. I would try to meditate, I know it would be hard for someone your age, it sure was for me. But just take about 5 minutes a day to yourself in perfect silence or put on some music that's relaxing but just go to your happy place in your head, if you get a head ache or get twitchy stop meditating and try again the next day. If you need any help my emails on my profile.

Blessed Be,
Tessa ❤

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