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I Think My Brother And I Have Some Sort Of Ability


Everything happened after my brother died when I was 3. I started talking to "the air" for hours upon hours. When ever my mom walked in, I would stop. Except one day, she walked in and asked who I was talking to. I looked at her and replied "Brendan", my brother. After that, everything just escalated. I started dreaming about the future, seeing even more, and hearing even more.

When I turned 6, on Easter Sunday, my brother ran into my room and said he was hearing people sing. I got up, held his hand, and we walked into his room, but when we walked in, the door shut and the singing started again. It was 4:16 in the morning. Every clock he has had in his room since, alarm or wall, stops working the second it hits 4:16 am.

When I got my new bed 3 years ago, I kept thinking that there was something watching me, so I refused to sleep in there for a year and a half. I slept downstairs with my grandma. Eventually though, my mom decided that I had to sleep in my bed. That night, I woke up at exactly 4:16, and looked at my door. There was like a little blue boy peeking through the door (It was half closed) but when it seen me look, it ran down the hall and just disappeared.

My brother talks to an old lady in my mom's room. She told him her name is Addy but that's all he told me he knew.

There is something else here though. The reason why no one can stay here alone. My brother won't even come up here alone. He's almost 12 and won't even sleep in his own bed. Stuff moves across rooms, things go missing, stuff we have never seen before appears, doors slam, music plays, TV's turn on, lights flicker, everything.

I remember once where my mom was in the kitchen and my brother was in the living room. I walked into the den and dropped something, and when I bent over to pick it up, I saw a reflection of something in the TV, so I came up fast and a tic tac container hit me in the back of the head. I asked who threw it at me and my mom just looked down the hall and said "That literally came out of no where. There hasn't been a tic tac container in this house in over a year."

I can tell you a phone is going to ring before it rings, I can't walk into some houses, I can't pick up antiques without passing out, I have woken up to the radio... Listen for 10 minutes, and I can talk along to it knowing every single word. The radio is live... Not recorded.

It would really help if someone could confirm my suspicion.

Thank you.

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Openminded15 (1 stories) (14 posts)
12 years ago (2009-10-21)
You both seem to be mediums, and pretty natural ones at that. You most likely are an empath too along with some ESP. Mediating will help you grow and control your gifts. Good Luck and Peace. :)

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