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Too Much Of A Coincidence. Am I A Guardian Angel?


I am unsure to whether my experiences are of a psychic nature, however, having been told by psychics themselves that I have the ability, I am beginning to think that maybe I do have these skills.

As a young child I did see my cousin's ghost and my mum had a dream the day her sister died.

I dream a lot; dreams which make no sense. I get strange gut feelings (like butterflies when you're nervous) and I am beginning to have day-dreams which do make sense and seem to predict things. It is this that I am a bit scared of. Have you ever had the feeling that you are here to help others? I seem to attract people who have several questions or have issues which need to be resolved and although still only young I am able to give intelligent advice.

In order for you to place this in context, I will share a recent case with you. I have known a man for over a year now. At the beginning we were just friends but over the last couple of months we became close. I have also known that he had a little girl but he refused to discuss her because it upset him that he didn't see her as much as he would like. But once he started to talk about her, a strange feeling came over me, almost like I had so much love for this child. This is strange because I have never thought about going with someone who had a child, but still I wanted to be with him. I had a dream-day, a voice told me that I was that child's guardian angel and I should look after her. This scared me! You could say that me and this man were dating but after 8 weeks I found out he had a girlfriend which I was extremely disappointed with because of the lack of trust etc and the time I had given him. Nevertheless I still kept in touch and I believe this was because of his baby.

Since having contact with me this man has now decided that he will seek legal advice as he doesn't see his child half as much as he should and for these reasons he is 'banned' from seeing her until court procedures go ahead. Beginning of September, this man finished his relationship with the girl (not the baby's mum) he was with and wanted to see more of me, but unfortunately it went a bit pear-shaped and he said he got scared because things where going too quickly between us. Since this time he has now got with someone else much younger than he is which really confuses me.

There is no doubt games are being played here and I refuse to participate. Although I do not talk to him anymore he still contacts me now and again and I'm scared because my recent day-dream has been me saving his baby from being run over by a bus. Dramatic but I'm wondering what this means because too many things are happening to link us. For example, I found out that my friend worked with the girl he was with best friend. Then last week I discovered that his baby is in my friend's class in school.

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Nash30 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2013-05-03)
Since the age of 30, God has made me to have major spiritual mystical paranormal experiences... Once I was riding a Ninja Kawaski Bike. I wanted to turn right. I would look behind and then turn. But this time some power overtook me and made me turn right without knowing if any vehicle was to come my way. Suddenly a car a high speed approached straight at me and was about to knock me down. It would have killed me on the spot. At that very moment a dot of light from above and entered my heart. My enter body became of light and then I saw the car pass through and through me. Thereafter the light returned back and I was flesh again. Would anybody tell me what this means!?
Bad_Wolf (7 posts)
11 years ago (2010-01-24)

I feel you have empathic abilities just like many of us, here. You have an amazing heart to care for another being the way you do.

Please keep in mind that dreams/day-dreams/visions are sometimes literal or symbolic. The way to decipher it is in your heart. Perhaps the bus represents what the child will be placed in the middle of this legal battle, and being an empath, it is your nature to want to save and protect the vulnerable and innocent.

I also have to disagree with VendettaSiblings because angels are not pure at all. Lucifer is an angel, used to be one of the highest of ranks, the beautiful light, and he fell, not so pure. Still beautiful, though. Angels are not pure, not immortal (just exist longer because they're not bound to a physical body), prone to making mistakes, and contrary to popular belief, angels can become human and vice versa. You may have heard the phrase "You're a spiritual being having a human experience", all of The Creator's children, angels and humans, are spiritual beings. If you know and feel it in your bones that you're a guardian angel, you are not wrong.

Continue on your path, but tread lightly. Know the boundaries of getting personally involved in other people's lives, especially in legal cases.

I wish you well.
Sunspotter (6 stories) (109 posts)
12 years ago (2009-10-28)
In all honesty I don't know much about Guardian Angels. If you want my opinion, however, I'm going to have to disagree with them and say that that is a Christan point of view on your situation.

In my opinion, Guardian Angels aren't perfect. They're just someone that's meant to protect you throughout life. They could have passed away, be an animal, be an angel, or be a living human. I have an idea, and as crazy as it seems, I think that all people with good intentions are guardian angels or future guardian angels to someone or something. I personally think that my older cousin is my guardian angel and that I'm the guardian angel for my best friend.

This is totally opinionated, but seeing as most posts on this site are, I'm just going on ahead with it. You can choose whether or not you agree with me or not, but I just hope I helped. 😉
allie01011993 (2 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2009-10-27)

I have those "daydreams" too that predict the future. They're not daydreams, they're visions. At fist you may think you imagined them because they happen while you're spacing off and daydreaming. That's because you're mind and body are in a "relaxed" state, or in a "anything-can-happen" type of mood. That doesn't mean that everytime you daydream you'll have a vision, you have to be in a certain type of state of mind, don't ask me how to get to that state, I've tried it many times, and it almost works but there's something I'm missing, I have to keep trying.

I am young too and let me tell you, you're not the only one with those feelings. I feel the same way. I am now able to understand it and live with it, it's much easier now for me.

There are many angels who incartnate as humans, sorry I disagree with you on this one Vandetta Siblings. But Guardian angels, are much higher beings, you may be and angel but I don't know about a guardian one...

You can email me if you want my help, I could help you not to be scared, there's really nothing to be scared of:). I love helping people and I can relate to you a lot from what I just read. My email is: allie19931 [at] feel free to email me if you want.

Good luck!:)
VendettaSiblings (guest)
12 years ago (2009-10-27)

You asked if you are a guardian angel, right? No, we don't think so. Guardian angels are heavenly beings sent from above, not humans, because all humans sin, and angels are pure.

We believe you may be a psychic with a very empathic heart and problems going on around you. Be careful with your decisions, child, there are many times that even we mess up when trying to help out. Don't let stress get to you, and remember that you are not ever alone.

-Vendetta Siblings

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