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Dreams Coming True Again


I have had many dreams through the years that have come true and some still can't figure out. It stops I think when I'm stressed. I dreamnt Hurricane Katrina 2 weeks before it happened, then my childhood friend's (hadn't seen in 20 yrs) dead mom with a message for her only she would know was true.

Just several dreams of deceased relatives, my mom and dad included with messages weaved in that make sense a day or two later. I believe I have been to their side once in my dream.

And here we go again. Last week... I dreamt the SF Bridge came down the morning a rod broke off in the afternoon and it closed for several days; that was just a few days ago. Then I dreamt dead birds falling from the sky, in what seemed to be a hailstorm and one broke my bedroom window and fell to my feet. A sparrow I believe, well here we are 4-5 days later and there's dead bird by that exact window. In my yard. But in the dream there's a whole lot more- almost seemed like end of world of sorts. What does that mean?

Ok last night I dreamnt a horrible car wreck with me and my son ejected from truck, he was in the middle of a turning lane with a broken shoulder and cars darted around him. I was on other side and made it to him and got him. We survived, but scary... My question is what can I do to utilize my information or how can I?

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epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-09)
Remember this saying

"The Subconscious Mind
"Our psyche is part of nature, and its enigma is as limitless."
- Carl Jung, from "Approaching the Unconscious"

"You are born to fly, and in dreams you discover the soul has wings".Good day to all 😊
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-05)
clairesse regarding your possible accident.
I believe our subconsious is allowed to travel in time producing a dream picture.

In real life you remembered the possibility
Of your son being thrown and your mother instinct went into flight which served you.

Usually in life paths we have choice, not all situations are set in stone.

Wheather it is a new action put into place to change a situation or people put energy out before the event or prayer, or rituals which still convey energy to create and intervene. All things are possible!

clairesse (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-04)
Yes I do believe you are correct about a lot of stuff, I have to say this. I almost got rear ended by a drunk driver an hour ago. He was behind me on a two lane road driving all over the road, hanging out the window, just picked up my son and daughter. I realized he almost slammed into me at a light so I sped up a little but traffic was so heavy I couldn't get away, without making a suuden slow down to get out from in front of him to turn cause he wouldve hit me. So my 16yr old is watchin him as we get into next turning lane just to get away, as he pulls up and almost hits car in front of him he gets his Jack Daniel's bottle and just downs it! In broad daylight! We were shocked and at a loss for words,. We just looked at each other. So maybe that was what my dream was for- me to be alert. BTW also in my dream the police thought I was drinking at accident, that's wher it left off at the police station. I didn't put all that in there didn't think it mattered at time. Now I'm thinking maybe it did mean that. I don't know but I'm being careful not obessed about driving. What do you think about this incident?
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
14 years ago (2009-11-04)
Dream interpretation is very difficult because you're dealing with your higher-self, which has a thousand ways of communicating to you. Dreams can be symbolic, literal, a lesson, a premonition, or processing of the day's events. So for one person to postulate what your higher-self is doing with you is a hypothesis at best.

However, we can glean from your words a meaning or two, such as you felt that the bird dream was more than what actually occurred later, and was more ominous in nature. So maybe you're right? Maybe the bird hitting your window was the beginning of this. I have dreams of some very serious events coming our way but the most we can do in that arena is prepare to the best of our ability.

As for the truck dream, well, you already know that means be extra careful when driving with your son and to always have him wear a seatbelt. But you cannot live in absolute terror of something that might happen because again, all dreams don't come true (or you can and end up neurotic). But you can also use what you're shown in a dream. I know recently I shared a dream on this site where I got pulled over for speeding but got out of it because of how I acted in my dream (let's just say I did a lot of groveling). So sure enough, the next day, I got pulled over for speeding (you'd think I would have paid attention to my own dream!) and I barely got out of it because I suddenly remembered my dream and got through it by mirroring what I did in my dream.

I hate to throw a wrench in things, and you may not believe it, but it is my belief that we live in more than one dimension. So sometimes what you dream here, might be a reality in a parallel dimension.

Hope this helps. Oh, and I can't leave without my old mantra: "Keep a journal!"

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