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I Was Awake This Time


I lay there in my bed last night on the brink of falling asleep. I suddenly started to feel someone or something rubbing my arm and face on my right side. Usually when this happens, I immediately freak out and run, later debating over whether I twitched in my sleep and somehow imagined the whole thing. Only, this night, I never moved an inch. I only opened my eyes to view the covers. At first I could see nothing. It stopped for a brief moment then returned. I saw the pillow move by my face and then I sat up just staring at the bed. The rubbing and the pressure I felt on my arm and face was weird, but there is something a little less explainable. When all this was going on, I distinctly felt a sort of heartbeats in both areas being touched. Something akin to an injury aching in the night that won't let you sleep. Don't get me wrong, I was in no pain, I only felt these very strong heartbeats there. And even more puzzling is that I could not feel my heart beating when I felt it in my face and arm. It was either one or the other. Sounds like I am hearing my same heart the whole time right? But the beats were different and once they overlapped which resulted in two hearts beating at the same time. I know the latter portion of this sounds circumstantial, but given the condition the feeling arose in, I paid particular attention to it. Some people have voiced their medical explanations away about sleep apnea and whatnot. Save your breath for me. This was nothing of the sort, but anyone willing to share anything other than that is most welcome. Thanks ya'll.

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