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I'm Trying To Figure What's Going On


I don't have a story but I'd like to tell of some things that have happened to me briefly in hopes some one could explain what may be happening to me. I'm just now learning about psychic abilities and I am open minded. I was involved with a very suppressing bible cult and they told me the things I was experiencing were evil. I've been told I have Psychic abilities. You judge...

I'm a dreamer. I dream almost every night about things that end up taking place either in the next couple days or years. They're usually future things such as great detail about the next job I'll have. Great detail meaning who the people are that I'll be working with, name of company, ect. I was told in a dream 10 years ago that my mother was going to get into car accident, brain tumor, and finally cancer. All have happened.

I usually dream about regular things. I meet people in my dream state before actually meeting them in he flesh. I fly places in my sleep. I've fallen asleep for only minutes and I was being pulled up towards a soft yellow very bright light like being pulled towards a powerful magnet. I've shot straight up off the earth where I was standing and into the clouds, sustained there in total peace.

Just recently I've begun to see lights in the air. I've seen purple diamond like lights against my closet while I was awake.I've sen a blue light, red and orange light. The most recent thing that's happened is I heard someone trying to get my attention. I heard "Crystal, CAN YOU HEAR ME?!"And I'VE NEVER HEARD VOICES BEFORE. Some how I must be starting to learn to leave my body at night because I have come out to my living room 4 times now to fly around at the top of my vaulted ceiling, where I look really small and feel light as feather.

So many more things... Too much to write. My overall question and concern is: what are these lights? Why do I fly around, and why do I see normal day to day events before they happen? Is it evil like some fundamentalist say? I'm concerned because I can see white cloudy like figures almost daily. The last thing I just saw was when I was coming out of the rest here at home and I saw an outline of a person with a bright white aura around it. Why am I seeing the things more and more?

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Bberry (6 stories) (29 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-10)
How can you activate your third eye chakra? Did you do some ritual or prayers? I believe you did some medidation for your chakra, but I'm sure you didn't knew you did something. If your third eye chaka has opened then you're into spirituality. 😕
DZInfinite (3 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-11)
your third eyd chakra has opened. You will be having dreams for a while if its just started but don't be aware of the dreams so much because that will throw you off coarse like they did me. You are probable sensitive to others around you and their for dream about what or who is around you. My dreams come true but in the beginning I couldn't even understand them. I'm hear to tell you that your thirdeye chakra has been opened when you have vivid dreams. What you want to do is control this. In order to do that you must focus on a mental picture as long as you can. Warning, becareful what you focus on because the thirdeye chakra is very powerful as it is the command center of all chakras on the kundalini system.

If you are laking knowledge about this please just do a little research about it on google before you get into meditation because you will need it.

Good luck.

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