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The Alien


I just can't work it out that my kettle quite often "ON" without touching the switches. It's been seriously happening when I stay at my place at any time otherwise when visiting at my friend's place. Why? Would be great if someone give me some answer for it. Because when it happens, I feel so weird and it also annoys me every time there is water boiling in my kettle.

Another day I was at friend's place, we were just talking in their kitchen, without touching the kettle. We were about 2 meter away from the kettle at the time, of course I didn't touch it. Then just suddenly it started boiling. It's just annoying, I already got used to it and it's not big deal at all to me, but if it happened in front of others, obviously weird to them. Anyway, i just want to know what is it. Thanks.

And this is separate issue-about "sleep paralysis" I've been seeing an alien when I started having SP since when I was 13 years old up until the present. Each time of SP-experiences, all different forms or scenes what I saw, but common issue is always seeing of alien. Not in the dream, but real-I'm awake clearly. I don't know that I should say "I saw" or "I felt". Anyhow, all what I'm saying is when I having SP experiences, always something to do with alien. I believe they actually examine of my body from time to time from the beginning. That's what I felt and I saw their hands and long fingers, sometimes alien's whole body standing next to me or etc., with always extremely bright lights on my left side of near my face. Or my head area. I saw those scenes every time during the SP. Because I am always trying to open my eyes and have a look at what's going on. Its not easy things to do during SP, and also scary,too. It's seriously scary stuff for me to open my eyes during the SP.

The very first of my SP experience when I was 13. I've never forgotten that alien's little face with big & wide black eyes right front of my face, on top of my face. That was so scary and huge shock in my first experience. That time I didn't know about SP or that face what I saw was alien or anything. I just couldn't think of anything, and I simply-GOT SHOCKED. Then now that I'm old enough to work it out what I saw when I was 13, the face and big black eyes was belong to alien.

I actually was not going to tell others those issues. I don't normally speak out those stories especially about alien kind of stories. Because if you really saw those stuff, you don't feel like speak out, its hard to explain, but naturally feel like better not say much about what I saw. Well I'm writing the truth now. If anyone

Have similar stuff you saw like mine, please let me know. Thanks.

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CheshireCat (35 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-24)
You could just be adamant about them going away or pray to some higher up that they leave you alone...
Not that I have any indicator to know if that really works or if the mind is less aware.
I've had sleep paralysis since I was about 14. I remember something visiting me that was perceived as not physical, just something with a great gravity of energy that could crush me from it's presence just by being around me...
Kind of like how a spoonful of a stars energy is said to way several tons, that's what this energy felt like to me. I also started having weird experiences afterwards. Within several days I remember waiting for the school bus with a friend during the dawn as the sun was just comming out. In front of the bus stop is a huge corn field with a wide open view of the sky. My friend noticed it first and told me to look up and there were 2 light orbs of white comming down from the sky. They did very fast zig zags from one end of the sky to the other crisscrossing each other and reforming several times while hovering for a minute or two each time before finally shooting off at the typical 45 degree angle a few minutes later. I looked over at my friend to ask if he came to the same conclusion and he simply wouldn't answer me. When I asked again he said he'd punch me if I ever said a word to anyone - he was a senior in high school - so with that I never asked him about it again nor bothered to tell anyone. I was just happy someone else saw it too. About a months time after that, I remember laying in bed looking up through my skylight and the thought accured to me, where does the universe end? After 30mins of thinking of all the conceivable answers to this, I remember having a break through and rapidly started to have many visuals of people and places on earth from the perspective of outer space with a lot of messages coming through my mind in rapid form that felt like an epiphany to the answer I was looking for. I was basically being shown that life was an illusion of sorts and everyone focuses on the small reality. The idea that the universe springs from nothing into something and is technically expanding into nothing... Like a drawing on a large endless white sheet is something that always bothered me.

These days, I know that the level of intelligence of such 'creatures' is far above what humans would understand. In fact, the physical to them is something completly different so it's hard for humans to grasp the concept. The closest I can think of is a ghost that can materialize into form for a wide variety of energies. Not only that but telepathy and group mind conciousness was something shown to me and again... It's just too vast a quantum leap of understanding... Both biologicly and mentally for humans to think they can bridge that gap anytime soon or even to have defenses against such things other than the help of other unknowns that watch over society. Even dead relatives can accomidate and help as once you cross over, your just phase shifted back to a much larger conciousness that is linked to some sort of eternal spirit and things are understood differently. To what extent each level of spirit or understanding of reality can interact and manipulate how we live our lives such as the kettle experience is still uncertain to me... I just know protection from things unknown is granted. Manipulation of the material world is easy for anything that understands it, I think it's just something not aloud to happen in dramatic ways. As in when the kettle boils this is like a sign for you that something is afoot but since it's limited to that one aspect, you need not be afraid.
Vladimir (7 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-16)
Pyrokinisis explains the kettle I have it a little but not to that extent. The alien could be a vision of what to come or have a hidden meaning I had one like that I was having a sword fight with my friend like he was evil a few months later he became gay so pay attention
Tessalovesmusic (3 stories) (72 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-16)
Well, the whole kettle boiling thing could be pyrokenisis. I'm not sure about the alien thing, I'm sure someone on here could help you with the alien visions thing, I only do dreams and they usually make more sense. Talk to Oracle101 shes very good everything psychic.

Blessed Be,
Tess ❤

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