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Exploding Light Bulbs


I have always been fascinated by electronics, mostly lighting and torches and sometimes I also like to make ones that run of the mains. I have been electrocuted many times and have never been injured by it, sometimes up to 40w but shortly after the lights will dim for a few seconds randomly and return to normal and also whenever I have made something that won't work.

I was once trying to figure out why a torch was short circuited and since it was getting dark I switched on the light. Just then it went BANG and shot out of the fitting. It blew the fuse and plunged the whole downstairs into darkness. After I replaced the fuse the light switch was fried and wouldn't work. This happened about a month ago but the strange thing is it happened again yesterday night when I was on my laptop. I had the light on so I could see the keyboard until BANG it happened again, the bulb was a much higher quality than the last one so it didn't blow out of the fixture so I could take it out and see what happened to it. The filament was intact but the wires attaching the bulb to the base had BOTH completely vaporized.

Another strange thing was it also happened with fluorescent lamps and knocked out a whole row when I was at school. The thing is I can imagine it happening then it happens a few minutes later. This only works sometimes though, It never works when I need it to but sometimes when I want it to work it does.

Please tell me what this means!

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nobodie (4 posts)
11 years ago (2010-02-02)
i think I might have it. Blowing light bulbs. Keeping my ipod on zero charge for hours by just focusing on it not dieing. Also I video taped something that was traumatic to me and the video file wouldn't play. It said corrupted.

Please add me on msn. Be_happy_anti_emo [at] love to tlk more
HalfMoonX5 (42 posts)
11 years ago (2009-12-03)
It is called electrokinesis, its like telekinesis but with electricity. I have it too. You should research it.

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