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My Sofa Was Purring Like A Cat


This morning before my husband came home from work, I was lying on the sofa in the between (sleep and awake). I put my hand on a pillow that was against the back of my sofa and I started hearing the sofa purr like a cat, and then I felt the sofa breathing. It scared me a bit because the longer I had my hand against the pillow the harder the sofa was breathing and I could feel my hand being pulled like I was needed. I used to hear kittens and cats meowing in the last house we lived in and the one before that. Then they stopped until today. I have also had other experiences with furniture breathing while I lay on them. Two years ago I was sleeping on my own bed and I felt the bed ripple like it was the ocean and a week later while napping again I felt my bed move like there was someone sitting on it. I was to scared to open my eyes. Just before that happened my husband said that he heard someone walking around our house while he was in the shower but no one was there. In the same house my daughter and I seen a man in our kitchen window looking back at us. One day we also saw a black man hanging from our back yards largest tree. Today there is no tree. The new owners cut them down. The lady who just moved out of the home told my friend (who owns both houses on each side of the house) that she was moving because the old man looking at her through the kitchen window at 7 pm every night scares her. The spirit feels evil.

I can smell perfume and cigar smoke while there is no one around. I can since people and I know when I am being cheated on.

While living in Washington State (Woodbrook Area) we had an earthquake and I was cooking with hot oil at the time. I felt a tap on my shoulder and a whisper that said to leave the kitchen. I turned to see a man in a world war 1 military uniform. He did scare me unlike the my daughters first experience she could verbalize about. The next night after the earthquake I sent my daughter down to my mom's apartment and half way there she stopped and started screaming that a tall man in a black top hat and a long black coat was watching her and the closer she got to my mom's apartment the meaner his voice was to her. It scared her to the point that my landlords son went all around the apartment complex to look for the man and there was no sign of him. Where my daughter said she saw him there was no way out without being seen or he would have been heard going through the back brushes. There was nothing not even foot prints.

My daughter can see and feel people and animals around her. Sometimes when she wakes up for school it looks like she has not slept at all.

The home I was talking about above, my daughter had a lot of experience there. Her cat she got for her sixth birthday was poisoned, every cat she owned ran away, her dog was killed by strays and the last pet she had someone opened the gate and let her out. After she lost all of her pets to strange and unexplained situations, my daughter started talking and playing with a boy named Peter. I thought Peter was just her way of getting attention. Due to the fact she was the only child on the street and she is the only child I am raising. Peter showed up around the age of 7 and did not leave until the age of 11. In that time she has tried to cut her stomach open to be with Peter. I finally got tired of it and told my daughter to tell Peter that he had to go and that he needed to leave her alone. I believe she told him but he came back time to time to see and talk to her because there were times that she would be so quiet that you did not know she was around and that was not her.

Just after my aunt had open heart surgery I had a dream that my mother called and I told the person who handed me the phone it was not my mom because she was dead. That is the truth, My mom is no longer living (since march 2009). When I got on the phone I told the person on the phone that they were not my mother because my mother was dead! I said this in a harsh voice and slammed the phone down. I woke up with an emptiness in the pit of my stomach. My husband and daughter told me that I was quite mean to them after that. I was too. I could not understand why. All I knew was that I took a nap and woke up hateful after that dream.

My daughter and I have a third party that when we are all three together we are hit with spiritual activity so badly that it makes us sick and drains us physically. Our friend is Native American and Mexican (she is very spiritual). She has taken my daughter to a Shaman and the shaman has told my friend that my daughter carries many forms with her and that there are battles of these forms going on inside her. I did not understand what he was saying but after that was told to another friend who is Native American he made my daughter a medicine bag that had protective stones in it and he told me that she must wear it all the time to be safe. You can see in my daughter's eyes that she has an old soul and maybe has lived a lot of lives and seen a lot.

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Mother_of_Helena (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-07)
As far as the purring sofa is concerned, I had a similar experience. A year ago I was lying in bed, waiting to fall asleep. For a long time I couldn't. I was busy staring at the starry sky, when I felt my bed gently moving beneath me. It felt as if there were a lot of rats or other beings of similar size INSIDE the mattress, moving about. The bed seemed alive. Then, I heard a cow mooing. The sound was very muffled but I heard it quite clearly and it sounded as if coming from my bed. I told the bed to "shut it", because I wanted to sleep, but frankly speaking, I was scared. It stopped after about 10 minutes. The mooing never happened again, but in the course of the last year I've heard sounds coming from my bed, something like tapping, like Morse code or something. Something/someone trying to message me?

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