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Officially Psychic Though I Was Before. Wasn't Sure


Last weekend my mother and I when to a psychic store in Indianapolis called Inner Path, and I had a reading. The psychic pretty much confirmed what I all ready new and even more. I thought I was psychic to an extent but apparently I'm a strong psychic medium and Clairvoyant.

I bought a book on how to develop these skill and I know that they won't improve a great deal in just a week but the book is kind of more for adults. I was so excited when I told the psychic that I had felt someone tickle me, she confirmed that it was true. Even cooler is that it was my great grandmother! Talk about awesome!

I was just wondering if anyone had a clue on how I can develop my skills in anyway possible It would be nice is you told me. I also forgot to say that a few months ago I had a dream that someones soul came to me in a dream trying to tell me a message. I couldn't understand. The next night I had the same dream only this time at the end and angel had appeared. I wasn't at all frightened by the dreams. I felt comfortable. I guess that my guides sent me those dreams because they new that I didn't handle funerals very well. Too me its really funny in a way. I'm grateful that prepared my for that.

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JVALLE24 (guest)
14 years ago (2009-12-07)
Hi my name is Jackie and I got some abilities to I'm 19 years old and I have angles that I talk to all the time you should try it. My angles are no cost and they guide me. They can help you to a certain extend. For now avoid negativity not completely though. Keep in mind that in order to learn you need to be exposed to all corners of life. Talk to your angle and ask them questions tell them not to lie if those questions that you ask can't be answer then simply let them no to tell you you that. Don't rush on learning it over night life will teach you as you go. Meditating is good I strongly recommend it. Reading books about abilities and learning what they all are may give you a bigger picture on what you have. I believe in god in a sense that when someone does good to me that's god that's why there so a like loll
Good and God!

You are very bright you are one to strong to fight believe in it because you are We all are:).Stay happy and powerful no matter of all the negativity that surrounds you.

When there is negativity around me I fight it with love because nothing and no one can take my happiness away...

I can help you if you have any questions
Here is my e mail: jaklin_val [at]

Stay safe smile always and learn it slowly because don't forget that you have to do good in school and so forth
😐 😊 ❤
Psionic (3 stories) (70 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-06)
I believe that the angel you saw was your guardian angel. Every body is born with one, and for us psychics, some of us can see them. Their message could have been that, they want you to estabish that they are there, watching and guiding you.
I am also a clairvoyant. You are right, it didn't develop over night. It took time to develop mine, and three guesses it is still developing now.
I would suggest, First to keep saying to yourself that you are psychic and a clarivoyant. This will build your confidence, and you will also have the self beleif that you can see things in a clairvoyant way.
Two, meditation is also a good way to develop your powers. At first, your powers will be triggered when you are relaxed, meditation will help you be relaxed. Also, whilst in a meditative state, you can do visualisations, which wil also help with your abilities.
Three, try to use your powers. The more you use your powers, the more you understand them and how they are triggered. Don't be afraid. Having fear and doubts will decrease you positive attitude. Ignore all negative talk, and go for it.
Remember you are a clairvoyant, never forget that.
Also, I would recommend you program a psychic shield before you start on your development.
Visualize a bright light surrounding you, and say to yourself that, this light wil be with you always, it will counteract negative intentions and entities and will only allow positive thoughts to enter. It will always be active etc. You can do this when you are meditating, which is the best way to do it.
I hope this does help, in some way. Just keep practicing.
Good luck:)

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