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For the past few months there is a spirit that I believe is trying to get in contact with me. I used to see it quite often, but not so much anymore. The first time I saw it was when me and my friends were meditating. I thought I felt this strange presence but I just thought I was imagining it. But, when I opened my eyes I saw the figure of a large cloaked man standing by me looking at me. But, before I could even think what to do next, he had disappeared. The next time I saw him he was standing in the hallway outside my room. I saw him turn and walk into my room, but by the time I got there he had disappeared again. The last time I had seen him was also in my room. I was just lying there and couldn't sleep and when I looked up he was standing at the foot of my bed. Then he came over by my head and just stared at me then disappeared. I haven't seen him for about two months but there's still many times when I can feel he's here but I don't see him. The fact that I can see and sense him, along with other spirits, does that mean I could be a medium?

I can't see auras, but I can see people's energy around their bodies and how it shifts with intensity as their moods change. I'm very sensitive to people's emotions and when I sense someone with strong emotions at the moment, it overcomes me and takes over as if it's my own feelings. I don't know what these things mean and would like any insight anyone might have to help me. Especially about the spirit I can feel around my house.

Thank you! Any bit of info would really help!

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icysnow (guest)
13 years ago (2009-12-17)
Thank you, mh09, for the information about God, Spirits, Ghosts, and such. Maybe learning more about these topics could benefit me alot.
Also, thank you, Edmund, for the suggestion of sending the spirit in my house light. I will make sure to try it next time the opportunity presents itself. ❤
Edmund (578 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-14)
icysnow... Seeing peoples auras can be very usefull by learning what the colors represent you can tell many things esp. If they are telling the truth. The Dali Lama's of old used to always have someone who could read auras nearby when they held audiences just for this purpose. If you are also feeling the emotion that comes with the auras then you might have medium tendicies but I would be cautious how and when to use them especially around spirits. My definiation of a medium is one who let's a spirit communicate through them and unless you do a lot of spiritual prep work it usually leads to trouble in one who is less experienced. The spirit in your house may want to use you. You can find out by the next time you see or sense him in your mind send him light and love tell him that Jesus wants him in the light and see the reaction you get if he pushes back with negative energy... Well you got an answer.
mh09 (3 stories) (18 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-14)
God, Spirits, Ghosts, Angels and the devil and demons do exist. I've seen and heard all of these for as long as I can remember, since I was a child. Some can be good, and some can be bad, it depends. God, the Holy Ghost, Jesus and Angels, are good Spirits- obviously and demons and the devil himself are bad. Human spirits are in the middle, and can be imitated by bad spirits. Good does and can outweigh the bad, Christians believe if and when you cover yourself with the blood of Jesus, you overcome the bad entities in this mysterious world we live in with many sixth sense unanswered questions. The house we live in for the past 19 years have more than one entity in it. We, my family and I are well aware of it and live with it. However if things get too irrational we seek God for help through prayer and it works to fend of these spirits that live among us. They can't hurt us, but can wear and tear on your mental capacity if you let them. My family members and I see and hear voices and noises, doors in the house closing, things falling all the time, we got use to it more or less, but that don't excuse it because it's not right to hear these things and see these spirits. We see aroras, shadows, dishes falling, doors closing 24/7, we got somewhat use to it like I said. As for a Medium I don't know about that, but you exhibit a strong sense of being a psychic maybe. The spirits were either there before you were, and take dominance of the your house, or are there to convey and message to you or try to communicate with you for some reason or another. You don't need to be scared though like I'm sure you heard before they can't hurt you, except if you let them get to you mentally in your mind to drive you insane if you let them get to you enough. Just blow it off, and accept the fact they are out there living among us. As for you being empathetic, you might be highly emotional to feel others pain emotionally, which accordingly to Christianity this is a good compassionate quality. You are not alone, all of these entities as you know exist and are among us, we just have to learn to co-exist with them and don't let them get to us. I talk to them and verbally get mad at them when too many weird things start to happen or come on strong then they seem to fade out or away for awhile. If you have nightmares at night or when you sleep anytime, sleep on your side with your "head sideways 'not' flat on your back," you will not have anymore scaring dreams if you have them and have trouble dealing with them. We all have Guardian Angels that protect us you are in good hands. If you believe, just ask God for overall protection. Good day.
icysnow (guest)
13 years ago (2009-12-13)
Thankyou for this comment, it was very useful to me.:) I ve been trying to learn more about auras and its helping me improve bit by bit. ❤
cajunbecky (5 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-09)
You can see auras. (I can see people's energy around their bodies and how it shifts with intensity as their moods change.) You can protect yourself by mentally surrounding yourself with pure white light. There are many good websites and books offering methods of protecting your own aura. Your aura will actually weaken over time if not protected. I strongly suggest that you learn to protect yourself before attempting to communicate with other spirits. "The cloaked man" This spirit can actually see your aura - thus the reason he has come to you in an attempt to communicate. Learn to protect yourself then ask him 1. Are you a good spirit? 2. Are you a bad spirit? If he answers good then ask why he is here what does he need to communicate? If he answers bad or just disappears - command that he leave and never return! Good Luck - make certain you are protected. White candles are a good added protection as well- thus the reason the energy in a Catholic Church feels different from many other churches. ❤

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