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I'm 13 years old but I think I'm not normal. This morning I was fixing my hair in the mirror and instead of seeing my own reflection, I saw a lady staring at me. I was so scared I ran out of my room. But I have seen her a lot of times in different before, but this really freaked me out. I do meditate a lot and I do a lot of research.

I have a lot of dreams where things like this happen and sometimes they are very scary. Many times I have dreams and they come true. I also have a lot of visions but they happen on their own. I think I have telekinesis because sometimes when I look at things they move, like I have thrown them.

I keep on seeing a little boy walking around in my house but he looks like a photograph. When I look at a person, I can feel the same way that they are feeling.

I also keep hearing many voices in my head and I'm seeing a lot of things and weird people or spirits. Sometimes they say bad things to me like they will hurt me if I don't help them. Sometimes I see a lot of black shadows behind me.

I get really scared. Sometimes I think what I have is bad but I'm just confused. I can't talk to my parents because they will think I have a mental problem. They don't believe in anything paranormal. How can I control my abilities better.

Any help given is great.

Thank you.

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miniman2008 (5 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-10)
hello I have technically the same abilities as you I can talk to ghosts but I can't sense them and I can see the ghosts I to have seen the black shadows on the walls of schools on a night time running around I have saved round about 59 lives because of ghosts but I think you should tell your parents I did all I had two do was go the doctors twice and they found out that I was telling the truth and they kept on telling me that I am a special but I just want to be a normal teenager and it started when I was 3 years old I was scared for the first 13 times I have helped my disabled mum I called the hospital and I saved her life so tell your parents it can save their lives or lots more 😊
gemma1994 (3 stories) (35 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-10)
hi I have similar things but mine started when I was 10 I'm 15 now and things have changed for the better. You can help contol your abilities but practicing and if you know what your spirit guides are talk to them because they are there to help you in everyway but you have to ask. I have learnt to block spirits out I used to see them all the time but now I struggle to even see a dark shadow. I don't know how I did it but I do know the more I ignored it the more I would loose that ability. When I was 10 I was so scared to tell my mum. At first she thought I was doing it for attention but over time she believed me because she loves me and she was very skeptic. I also proved it to her by channelling my great grandma who I had never met and I would ask her questions like when were you born which I had no clue about and so I told my mum and she asked me how I new and so on I did the same thing for a while until mum truely believed me. I think the worst thing for you to do is not tell your parents I know I felt so alone and I would hate for anyone else to experience that. I stongly advise you to talk with your spirit guides. Hope I have been some kind of help to you 😊

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