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Family And Friends With Psychic Gifts


Ever since I was young, I have had psychic experiences. I'll talk about these later. For now I just want to talk about my family members and the strange occurrences that many of them have as well as a few of my friends.

I'll start with my Grandmother on my Dad's side. My Grandma was the only daughter of four children born to my Great Grandparents (by the way, I'm not using the names of my relatives for anonymity). Throughout her life she has had many strange experiences like dreams of the future and deja-vu. One of the prominent stories that she talks about is the time when she and my Grandfather (by marriage) took a trip to a rental house. When they arrived, my grandmother recognized the place completely. She could talk about each and every room, describing it in detail, as the door was closed. When the two entered a room, it looked exactly as she described. Although her deja-vu was unexplained, mine is better described as the realization of a dream that I have coming true in exact detail.

My Father does not like to believe in the paranormal (or much of anything for that matter) but I have caught him reading my mind quite a few times. For instance, once when I was irritated about my Dad not doing something, I sat there silently complaining about it when all of a sudden he talked about the random thing and went and did it. I don't recall it being anything we ever discussed.

Also, when he is scolding me, he says some of my thoughts out loud right after I think them, saying them as he would say something in quotations. Not too many days ago, as we were in the grocery store, I was thinking about a joke I was planning on my Dad - Asking for a certain politician's new bestselling book even though he cannot stand her in the slightest. All of a sudden, as I was asking my brother sarcastically if he wants A certain pop-culture vampire book for Christmas, my father said, "Yeah, okay Tylor, We'll get Zack [said vampire book] and you'll get [the aforementioned Bestseller] if that's the way you want it!" Then he gave a half-hearted laugh and continued on shopping.

My mother is not as afraid to talk about her paranormal experiences. Many of her dreams have come true, in exact detail, and she can sometimes catch images and words in people's minds. She can also sense ghosts from time to time and feel the history of a place (things that I can do with greater detail and with visions to go with the senses). She's had a couple of ghostly encounters, but those don't really belong on this sight.

Now it's time to talk about my Stepfather and his family. Though they are not blood relatives of mine, there "little parlor tricks" have seemed to show up in my half brother and half sister.

I'll start with my Step grandmother. She has confessed to me that she can sense ghosts and even see apparitions of dead people from time to time. She comes from a long line of people who can do things like this as well as those who are telepathic or have premonitions. Her grandmother was visited by the ghosts of two uncles, Roberto and Michael, who said to her that her daughter must name her child after them. Stories like these run rampant among my Step family.

My Stepfather has also admitted that he was a ghost-writer in his youth, and could channel the spirits of relatives and others while writing down their messages. He can also sense spirits and is slightly telepathic and has most definitely seen at least a few apparitions.

Now I'll talk about my siblings and the many odd phenomena that they have experienced. My brother, who was second-born to my mother, was able to see ghosts as well as communicate with them. In our house in a certain southern state, he conversed with the ghost of an old man (whom my mother also felt watching over her newborn son). In a norther state, he would sit on the window sill and talk to the deceased former tenants of our apartment. Unfortunately, the frightening reality of this and adults telling him all this was not real led him to block this power. He does have occasional dreams that come true and can sometimes pull words out of others' minds but is ultimately afraid of all this.

The third-born son of my mother can catch words from people's minds and see an occasional glimpse of what is to come. He may have been able to do more had he not suffered from brain trauma brought on by a severe fever as an infant.

The fourth-born son of my mother, my half brother, can already see ghosts, spirits, and shadows at a very young age. He has said things out loud that I was thinking and tells me about dreams that he has that I later on realize come true.

The fifth-born child of my mother, my half sister, says things that I think out loud and has had "weird feelings" in places. I can feel that more will develop in her over time.

These may not be all of the members of my family with gifts, but they are the ones who talk about them or that reveal things. My own bloodline can be traced to the Irish, the Navajo, and the Cherokee which may be where I, and some of my relatives, get their "little tricks" from. Only so many people can be asked, and deaths in the family cease much of the family stories.

Now its time to talk about my friends. One friend that I made last year admitted to me that she was psychic. The admittance came when we were talking about her trip to Pompeii. She was talking about it to a circle of friends at a round table after school. She began to say how she did not like her visit to Pompeii. I asked her why, quite perplexed. She whispered, "I'll tell you later."

Later on, when we were alone, she told me that she could feel the spirits of the dead in Pompeii as well as feel their agony and fear and feel the history of the catastrophic event as she walked by the corpses, preserved in ash. She told me that she could feel that I was "psychic" and that's why she told me. At that moment she also told me many of her stories about ghosts, spirits, telepathy, empathy and other gifts. Later on she also told me about her history, going back to a Great Witch on her mothers side. Many of the female members of her family on her mom's side were psychic as well.

She would also go on to tell me about one of her friends who could vividly see ghosts. Another friend of hers could feel ghosts and see an occasional apparition. She even had to perform a mock exorcism once.

Another friend of mine, whom I met in my sophomore year, told me that she could feel things and had dreams of the future and of her past life. Some other people I know are practicing Witches with some strange tales, though I don't believe witchcraft is a proper topic here. Anyways, these were the stories of my family and friends. Eventually I'll get to post my own personal stories. This, unfortunately, will take a while due to the numerous experiences I've had. Sorry for the length of the story. I just felt like I had to write this all down before I forgot it all.

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Beserker916 (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-06)
you are so lucky, the only member of my family to have an form of pshycic ability was my gran she could see the future anytime any place she'd start to daydream and know what's about to happen but she hasn't been able to do this for some time. I have very similar abilities but mine are linked to the wind.
azshadow92 (4 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-30)
It does seem to run in the family. My friend's have told me that these gifts are a combination of the spiritual (actual meaning of this open to interpretation) and genetics.
carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-21)
I am irish and cherokee and I have psychic abilities similar to yours telepathic, precognition, dreaming of future events. I also have telemetry abilities. My daughter Christina can see all spirits, she dreams of future events. She is 7. My daughter Auti can see ghosts in haunted places. She dreams of future events. I guess it runs in families.

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