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Are These Feelings Real, Or Coincidences?


I can't see into the future, past, or read people's thoughts, but, every time I meet someone, I get a certain feeling about them. For example, There was this girl, who was meeting my friend for the first time, him and everyone else in my group, including me. Automatically I had this deep, extremely strong, almost raging feeling inside me. Had I been an animal I would have snarled at her. So her and my friend started dating, and after about 7 months she broke up with him. We found out she was cheating on him, with 2 other guys, and that she was two-faced (Although I could already tell, but no one would listen to me), she became spiteful, and angry around everyone as soon as she was accepted into the group, and people began to see she was a really bad person, she would talk behind our backs, and try to make everyone her puppets by making them do what she wanted.

I also tend to associate colors and textures with people, kind of like auras but I can't actually see auras. I've also had this weird longing, like I didn't belong. When I think about how I don't have psychic abilities or wasn't really special in anyway, I start crying so hard. I know in god's eyes we're all special, but I kind of want to know where I belong. I've been researching Indigo, Crystal, and Star children. And I fit some pretty distinct characteristics of both Crystal, and Indigo children (If they exist). But I don't really know... I can also calm people just by touching them, and can convince them to trust me. And with nearly all the males I know, they always seem to gravitate toward me, and have crushes that almost seem as though they're under a trance. It all could just be wishful thinking but, I'd really like feedback. Thank you so much.

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