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Dreams That Tell The Future


I've had experiences since I was around 13 or so. Every time that I think something is going to be true, I tell everyone as I know that the dream is special. I will share a few of them.

Grandpa's death (3 years ago): I had a dream that a raven was on a man's shoulder, but the man said it was a vulture and was about 2 feet tall. The raven bit me on the arm. Next morning I told my boyfriend about the dream and that I was worried about my grandpa (even though I had not seen him in a year). The next day, my aunt told me that my grandpa had passed away (ravens and vultures are death symbols).

Bad Argument (3 months ago): I had a dream about my boss arguing with one of his clients as my boss kept yelling his name (Jamie) out on the phone. I had told my manager the next day. The day after, my manager said "man, I hate your dreams because this morning, Scott (my boss) had a huge argument with Jamie on the phone. (My boss is now suing him).

Miscarriage (3 months ago): I was 3 months pregnant and I had a dream about 2 stressed, white sea anemones in a tub of water at an old job I had worked at (pet store). For some reason I put milk in the water and was worried about them dieing. 2 days later I had a really bad bought of diarrhea, back pain and stomach cramps. Since then I did not have ANY pregnant symptoms. A month later, I got my first ultrasound and the doctor could not find a heartbeat. She looked closer and noticed that I had twins! They had passed away around a month ago which was around the time that I had that sickness and the dream. (anemones are death symbols and milk means maternity).

Falling (2 months ago): I had just got done talking to my friend on the phone about his girlfriend as they got in an argument. That night, I had a dream that his girlfriend was on a beach, lying on her stomach, in a pool of blood. I knew that she had fallen off of something and that she had done it on purpose. I also had closeups of her face like I was looking in a camcorder but she was sad. Even though it was my friend's girlfriend, my boyfriend's family was there and I went to call my boyfriend to tell him what had happened. 3 days later, my boyfriend ran into the house to tell me that a long time co-worker fell off of a tall ladder (at the navy base he was working at) and his co-workers found him lying face down, in a pool of blood. Later that day I found out that they suspected him on doing an attempted suicide because he did not want to retire and that his co-workers were like family to him.

Herbs (3 weeks ago): I had a dream that someone had allergy symptoms so I went to find some herbs for them. I had given her a packet of turmeric and remember seeing a feverfew bottle. After that I couldn't find what I was looking for. A couple days later, I was stricken with a bad cold. My eyes were very watery like I had hay fever (but I don't have allergies), I had achy muscles, and a small fever. I remembered this dream and was trying to find my feverfew (good for fevers) but I couldn't. I had taken some turmeric and noticed that my runny nose and watery eyes were ALOT better. This dream, to me, served more as a help dream more than anything.

I had more things like this happen but would have taken up to much space! I am just realizing that things may be more than a coincidence. I have recently taken to meditating (only a couple weeks ago) and bought a psychic book to learn more (even though I tried to stay away from such books). I also finish things within a certain time frame (for example, I will tell myself that I want to stop meditating or taking a bath at 6:38pm, and will look at the clock at that EXACT time, every time). I remember guessing peoples horror scope symbols when I was a child. I will take notice of certain lyrics in songs and they end up being true like (example lyrics: I took a trip to main and I went to main a few weeks later).

Thank you for taking the time to look at what I have written.

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spazchicken (1 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-13)
I don't have any books (though I would like to find a good one), but I go to to see my symbols or go here sometimes if I can't find what I am looking for:

I sometimes think that I rely to much on these things as I know that the dictionaries are not exact, but I feel that they are close enough, until I can really grasp the symbols by myself. I've been really studying my dreams for the last couple years but have noticed them since middle school. I used to have fun with lucid dreams around that time as well, though I called them "half dreams".

I'm really liking meditating so far as I see images almost every time. I think of these as lucid dream images and I have been looking them up like dream symbols and seem to be spot on.

With the time thing, I used to play with it a lot when I was little, for fun like a game. Since meditating, I have played with it to end my meditations with total success. Something will just alert me in my mind to wake up like a jolt. Definitely more to experiment on this.

I have been really looking into messages through radio songs as I have noticed that random songs will have the same meaning. For instance, I listened to the radio a lot in the last month of my pregnancy (around the time the twins had passed. I remember hearing songs with lyrics like "everything dies", "i'm fading away","i'm leaving" ect all the time. I had written this down in my journal before I had known about the deaths.

I also am very aware of numbers. Me and my boyfriend will tag each other when we see the number 77 which is several times a day and has been for years. I have just noticed 44 or 444 for the last couple weeks on everything, I even got the number 440 as an image during my meditation last night which is supposed to mean sacred union/eternity. When I saw the count of the Precognition dream entries today, it was 444.

I talk way to much, but it just amazes me to think that we are more than just meat and bones. We are a soul and energy, all communicating unconsciously. I believe that the soul's language is through a universal, abstract symbol system.
PathR (4 stories) (1263 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-13)
You definitely have precognitive dreams with symbols. The mind is amazing!
You will only enhance your abilities by practicing psychic development and seeing were your strenth lies. My feeling is you may wish to study controlling time. Sorry! You impressed me that this would be of use to you in the future. Meditation is the key for time control.

May I ask what dream book you use? Or do you just know symbols?

Blessing will follow

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