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My Dreams Do Come True


About a month ago, I fainted and I think I had an out of body experience. While I was knocked out I dreamt of me lying on the floor and my dad holding me and when I woke up it was true. And ever since then, I have been having weird experiences. First of all, I always dream about something that happens, like I dream what outfit my best friend will wear the next day.

I have also been daydreaming a lot lately and sometimes hear my name being called out of nowhere while I daydream. I also put my ipod on shuffle one day and predicted what song would be next and got it right every time. I have been seeing the future like a brief summary of what will happen the next day. I also start to think of someone and suddenly they will call me. Another thing that's happened to me is in school we had to do a true and false paper. It was on a lesson we haven't learned yet and I don't know if this is luck but I just guessed the ten true and false questions and got them ALL right. Lastly, I have an ipod speaker that I use every night for my ipod because it charges it. Well I didn't put on any music at night and for the last week I woke up to it playing the song that's been stuck in my head that night. This is so confusing and I don't know what's going on.

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