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I Need To Know If I'm Psychic


I think I am psychic. I have dreams that come true, I have very strong feelings that come to me out of nowhere at anytime. I see things during the day like playing out almost like seeing a play. But please do not tell anyone I am only 13, and only two of my very good friends know. I am only going to write this much on me right now so please try to give me advise or comments that would help me deal with this.

I am also in the middle of making a like study book that has all of what has happened to me and information from this website. I have only been making it in the past two days so I am working on this. I know that you guys are thinking that this is some kid who just wants to get attention... Well that is not true at all. My friend that know they haven't heard of anybody who has had this. I've had this before but I just thought that I was going crazy, so just would really, really like to know if I really am psychic. Do you people think that I should make a study or what should I do but I repeat that I do not want to tell anyone, because if I do they would not believe me. My parents would think that I am going insane and send me to a mental hospital. Just please help me I am struggling for answers and don't know what to do.

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molly_lee29 (1 stories) (9 posts)
10 years ago (2010-05-13)
Im 13.
And phychic.
I keep a folder of everything I see, hear, talk to, feel ect. I think its a great idea and you are probably Phychic!
I also live in Wisconsin so if you want to talk or something ask for my number!
E-mail: mollybingenheimer [at]
marked02 (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2010-01-16)
Marigold thank you so much I do think that I am psychic but hey we can get throught this together, like I can help you and you can help me.
songstarpsychic (6 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2010-01-16)
You know the same things started happening to me when I turned 12.

When I finally admitted that I could see this ghost in my moms house some of my dreams (only 4 or 5) have come true.

I am 16 now and I still don't know if I am psychic or all these are coincidences (my dreams coming true) though my mom says there is no such thing as coincidences.

I don't see ghosts everywhere. The only one I saw clearly was the one at my moms house. But I sense them and felt the one in my mom's house's emotions. I have had dreams come true and I have heard what someone was going to say in my head just before they say it. Recently, in school I honestly thought an earthquake was happening but it wasn't. (I will explain in a story later on this site, It just won't let me publish anything at the moment) Later that day the earthquake in Haiti happend. Weird I know...

You may just be more 'sensitive' than other people but not exactly psychic. I guess that's what I am. Random things happen to me that I can't explain to do with ghosts and telling the future. If you get any new experiences post them! I have posted mine if you want to read them.
marigold (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2010-01-15)
You are not going crazy. I've started having precognitive dreams when I was about your age. Apparantly, it's a teenage hormonal thing why it comes about this age. I've done my research. You need to go to bookstores, libraries, search online to know that you are not alone and to understand what you're going through.
They say to keep dream journals, but that's up to you. I don't for personal reasons.
I probably wouldn't tell my parents unless I was sure that I would receive support. I never told mine, just worked with it by myself. You're not insane, but may need to talk with supportive people to help you through this.

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