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16 Year Old Boy Hit And Run


I was in 2 car accidents just prior to when this story happened. I believe why this happened is for a reason to know what is another part of my life. I was laying in bed and this young boy came through to me at night, I thought in my dreaming until this was happening everyday for about two weeks, he wanted me to go to the police about an accident that happened to him outside of Listowel Ontario. Of course I was a little intimidated with what was going on.

A few friends had told me to go ahead and contact the police about what had happened but I did not want to get ridiculed and also did not want to get blamed for being in that situation since they had not caught the person. Finally, about 2 months later I decide to have better judgment and contact the police. I did that and the police were so impressed with what happened they came down and did a one hour audio on me. They never did find out who it was because of my judgment of telling them too late.

Next time I will tell someone right away to insure this does not happen again. I am not afraid to tell people what I think now because I can actually do this on a regular basis but do not do this for a living. It is my way to help other people with my gift. Anyone out there that ever needs help I will always be here.

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cdc33 (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-02)
wow that is wonderful that you can help in that way. I have dreams that come true but they are so random. Keep doing what your doing 😊

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