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Feelings I Get


I am 22 years old and since I was about ten I've always been a bit confused by feelings I get. When I was very young I could always find lost things because I could just picture where they were?

As I grew older, I began to guess things and a particular feeling is that I get anxious almost like I'm waiting for something and something always happens, but it's never good?

I have always been able to predict film endings and even scripts before I've seen the film and before it said on screen. My fiance hates this because I spoil the movies for her but I just think it is obvious! It's the same when people talk; I can always finish their sentences.

Another is that I can guess people's feelings and pretty much justify why, when and how they became upset and cheer them up before they even speak.

I always just played these things off as good luck and that I was good at guessing things.

More recently my daughter was born and she was a week early. I arrived home early on Friday the 24th April 09 and felt odd, I ended up following my partner around the house all day and did not know why.

Now this is the part I find hard to describe, Almost like it had always been there and that I had always known! I turned to her and said the babies coming tonight at 3am and will be here by 11am.

She just shrugged it and laughed but that night I could not sleep and stayed up until about 2:30am, I struggle to stay awake past 9! I got into bed and laid there with my eyes closed.

My fiance got up to go to the toilet and then shouted "BRENNAN" I shot up and she came in nervously laughing saying "I think my water has broken and look at the time".

It was exactly 3:00 am but it did not surprise me as I said it was almost fact to me, I knew it would happen so I just felt normal.

My daughter later arrived that day at 12:15 pm and my fiancee turned to me and said "you got that bit wrong" the nurse laughed and asked what we meant.

I explained and she said that I was right in the sense the baby was fully engaged and was ready at 11am. She had been delayed only due to complications with my fiancees back.

I cannot explain this and my family and friends have said "lucky guess" and the usual that you get "that is odd". My father died last year and my mother said it was probably my father getting me ready for it, preparing me?

It feels that as I'm getting older things are getting bigger and if it was just "I think the baby will arrive tonight" then I could accept it as a guess, but I knew the exact time HOW?

Can somebody help me because as daft as it may sound sometimes I feel alone when it comes to talking about this seriously? Like nobody understands but its real it must be, I cannot be that good at guessing things.

It leaves me confused and a bit disorientated sometimes.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-19)
You are stating you have a very attuned intuitive higher self. This is knowing things on a gut level.

In psychic development people use pictures to read energy vibrations that will give descriptions of the people/places/situations.

This is much easier since the Chakras hold/give information of past and present. It has been said that palm readers cord people. Which means they focus on the individual and then read them.

You have stated that since a young person you practiced. Practice makes predictions. It passes a prediction to seeing,perceiving,knowing through experience and noting since the percentage goes up.

You may wish to look a body language reading, as well as cold reading, to see if you fall into any of these catagories. But it does not sound like it!

Look up on Oracle101, click on his responses on this site. You will see a lot of yourself and find many answers.


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