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Bad Dreams Become The Future


Ive, since the time I was young, have been conscious in my dreams so that I could tell it was only a dream. Not until about for years ago did I start noticing that the dreams that seemed much more real were dreams that were actually occurring in real life. At first it really threw me off. I had a dream about me getting into a car accident and then climbing out of my car. As I climbed out of my car in the dream I read the billboard that my vehicle had stopped on. One week later I took a road I had never traveled on to see a old friend in the next town over. It was raining pretty heavy and I hydroplaned. As my truck came to a stop I realized that my truck was sideways. As I climbed out of the vehicle I realized I had stopped on the very same billboard from my dream.

After this happened it would occur more and more in my life. It got to the point that it really even through off my daily life. I could tell a big difference in a normal dream and a dream that seemed to have forbearance. I tried to tell my friends about it one time, but they just laughed it off and told me not to worry so much. The thing is I'm the one that most times was laid back and tell everyone else not to worry all the time.

As I notice a dream occurring it has the same feel as deja vu and at times it can just be overwhelming. The main reason it seems like too much is because it seems as though I mainly have dreams about tragic occurrences. I have no idea why this is, but it takes its toll and it's becoming a bit much to deal with. Its really been about 4 years since this started and it really seems like its only getting stronger. At this point I wouldn't mind advice on any level.

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nyrican11 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-11)
I've gone through the whole dreams to reality thing quite often in my life, though it never seemed to be the exact image in real life as it was in my dream, the symbolism and message were. I'd say trying to remember your dreams and jotting them down as soon as you can would be a tip (though you probably already do that or remember all of your dreams accurately).

I've had several dreams that I remembered that had an event tail off a few days later ever since I was young. Two that stand out completely for me: 1) I had a dream as a kid that the building we lived in in NY was on fire. I was in my bedroom and in front of me was the actual dresser in my room with a lifelike bust of Jesus Christ. In the dream, the fire was rising behind the wall with the bust on it. I tried to get out of bed but the blanket had me pinned down. The eyes on the bust moved and looked at me and the mouth moved and a deep voice told me to lay back down. I was crying and scared but closed my eyes in my sleep. I then woke up in my dream and saw ashes all around, though my bed and my parents bed were safe even though all the walls were burnt down. A few days later, there was a bad fire on an upper floor in our building (though thankfully, it never burnt the building or our apt. Down.

Another dream was one I had (that I won't go into detail here on but may post about) regarding dreaming about 9/11 happening two days before it happened. To this day, it is easily the scariest dream in my life as it really happened. I was about 4 or 5 with the first dream, and I was 24 when I had the 9/11 dream two days prior to its occurrence.

I've had other deja vu type dreams (sad, happy, nonsense dreams) in the past too that I slightly remembered but remembered more in detail only after the event happened, and I would say "hold on, I remember dreaming about this" and someone would ask me and it's as though I remember even saying in the dream that I dreamt about it so the dream seems to continue for a moment more in real life. I don't know any other advice that would help other than trying to jot down or remember your dreams as much as you can when you awake (for me, it seemed the more I remembered a dream, the chance of it not happening seemed to be more of the case, though there were still instances that it did, such as 9/11). Maybe if you do more meditation and try to focus or hone in on your abilities, you'll have better outcomes with it.
AishaHorsey1974 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2011-07-24)
My dreams are so similar. Lately I been dreaming about my boyfriend. And its always negative. Every dream came true. I started noticing my ability 16yrs ago when I was 21. I had three preminitions. Now I'm starting to get a strong energy when something is about to happen. I'm still struggling with it but I would like to understand what type of gift I have.
caylag13 (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-26)
i have similar dreams I'm only 13... I do Not bad dreams like accidents... I have mine as in everyday events,break-in's and floods I have had 2 or 3 in murder but I never mention them to my mom I have a "dream journal" I keep to keep track of my dreaming it's been acting up latley 23 dreams in 2 weeks... Psychic stuff like this runs in my family I believe in god very much so and I also now in the bible It's the devils type thing but not all of my family is christians... Soo yes but I love the lord and alweays will I got the gift from my fathers side... Not my mother diffrent belief's...but I'm proud of my gift! 😊
alloftheabove (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-09)
I was once told by a very wise person that if you have premonitions or dreams about the future often and they are in the negative, and to try asking for good dreams about the future or for example about a birth of a good nature that has yet to be. Concentrate on these positive dreams as they will come if you truly desire to know them. But the bugger of this is that in these good dreams you would do good for yourself to use them as happy or even uninvolved/less emotional practice sessions for the "not-so-good" dreams, as for sure these will also most likely continue. Just try to remember to use them all as warnings, learning experiences, and the like. We all who have these need an emotional break from them from time to time. Though, on a personal level, to block them out myself has brought about mishaps that perhaps could have been otherwise avoided. (warnings). See if you can switch your mind frame from being one of scared and unfortunate to being the one who was chosen to have this particular dream, therefore you are being trusted on a whole new level of the one who can perhaps bring about a change in circumstances of a particular dream and even if you cannot, then at least you may be more prepared for when or if it does happen. Good Luck in all you do. Hope this helps even a little.
AnneV (4 stories) (1063 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-01-19)
Precognitive dreams tend to center around negative things because those leave strong impressions. Death, accidents, world events, etc., are largely reported and specifically when negative. You don't see nearly any of the happy events of life portrayed. You don't dream of the successful drive to work that you do almost every day, but the one that goes awry. I don't doubt that it's taking a toll on you.

You can do more than just be a witness. Try programming your subconscious mind towards something positive. Ask to see positive things that will help you or someone else. Ask to meet your guide, to learn to travel in the subtle plane, or anything else of a positive nature. Hopefully that will balance out your experiences.


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