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Feeling The Emotions Of People Around Me


For almost four years now I have been able to feel the emotions of people around me. I can control it with a great deal of concentration, but more often that not it will come to me randomly from any given person. The emotions themselves are at times very over powering and happen suddenly. It takes a great deal of effort to block out, and at times when I am in a crowded place it drains me in every way including physically. Stronger emotions that are felt often cause me a very different physical experience. One good example is if someone has is angry to the point of rage my vision will blur.

Perhaps one of the more interesting things about this ability is that there is one person that I can feel all the emotions of at any given time or distance. She was not the person who would believe in any idea of ability this obscure until time and time again I would ask her why it was she was feeling a certain way. Being a person that was very guarded she would never give any outward appearance of the emotion.

To be honest I've always cared greatly for people in general and haven't known why. I have a love for helping others and strive to do so. The only problem is that since the development of my ability I have started to get slightly bitter at people. The main reason for that is that they feel one way but act the opposite. They will ask for advice but never intend to follow it. I still have a want to help and I believe that want is a big reason why this ability emerged in the first place but I suppose I just want a little bit of advice from others that deal with the same. I have only met one other person that had this ability and they wanted to get rid of it.

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scoleman67 (guest)
11 years ago (2011-03-28)
I have also expirenced these emotions without explainations. I'm 18 and my gift is used in healing ministry, by God giving me an emotion that I cannot describe. Once it is recieved I ask Him who it's for, (I'm not able to control the emotions) when it happens He tells me what emotion it is and shows me the person so I can pray over them. By this they recive healing from the Lord, and He uses me as servant unto Him. 😊 May you all be blessed by the Lord!
jess_bella (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-20)
Hi I also have the same thing as you. I could feel others emotions without knowing who's they are. It is pertty weird because I sometimes cry for no reason whatsoever. Also sometimes I'm angry at whoever I'm talking to but those aren't my emotions. I also love to help people and I can feel what you are going through. I wouldn't say I want to get rid of this gift however I don't like it. I just got used to the fact that I can feel others emotions. Some advice would be to just try to ignore it and try to think and act as if you can't feel what others are feeling. I also have other abilities if you would like to know about them. Just ask and I would spill my story.
ashleeslife (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-05)
As soon as I posted my first thing about other peoples feelings I have been trying to connect or find some spirit. That night I asked the spirits to let me know they were there or communicate with me. That night I didn't feel anything, but the next day I went out to our garage alone to get food for my horse and dog, we live in alaska so I was wearing my big coat. I felt something either touch my hood or lightly tug on it. No one knows about anything that has ever hasppened to me like this. After that incident I was sitting in our living room with my grandma, sister, and mom. I felt something touch my back and I looked back. My whole family was looking at me my mom asked what I was doing and I told hr, "it touched my back" she looked at me like I was completely crazy... Nothing has happened since then. I want to connect with the spirits but I don't know how... If you do please let my kno my email is ashleeyomg2009 [at] also recently (today) found out I was an empath. I want that to not be as strong because I can't focus on what my feelings are. If you have any info about how I can connect with the spirits or how to unstrengthen my empathy plllllllzzzzzz tell me I need answers. 😕 😁
ashleeslife (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-04)
i have been looking for someone that feels the same things as mee and you do. I am 13 and always felt like I'm different than others like I have some connection with another world. I like having extra abilities and I want to strenghth them. How can you do that? I too feel others emotions and can tell how they feel before they tell me. They ask me how and I don't know how to explain without freakin them out. Does anyone here have any advice for me. E-mail me at ashleeyomg2009 [at] or find ashleey on facebook plz... 😲
Diane_17 (3 stories) (46 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-28)
i have the same gift but mine is not as bad, when I feel a emotion strong like anger, I will tense up or tear up. But I have been like this sinse I was three yars old, so I have delt with it for most of my life, now I'm 17yrs old and still have the gift but I have more then empathy. 😁
megxc (10 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-20)
I recently came to the realization that I am Clairsentient or... An empath, like you! I am glad that I finally realized it now my life makes so much more sense, I in now way want to get rid of it... I want to help it grow. As I am just starting out on this path being aware of what I actually am I don['t have anything fabulous to tell you. But a great psychic once told me to make sure you "empty out the tank" make sure you get rid of all the energy and emotions you get from other people, as holding on to it can be bad news for you. Hope to hear more from you! Talking to people with similar experiences is very exciting for me 😁

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