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Scared To Death


I hope someone will be able to help me with this.

I am thirteen years old and have recently had some strange things happening to me.

I was at a school dance recently and I instantly felt completely drained. All my friends seemed to be absolutely fine though.

I have also recently been having these weird dreams where I have been leaving my body and going to this creepy place where all of these people keep asking me for help and things like can you tell so and so this and so and so that. It scarce me so bad and the worst part is that I can't wake up. Even stranger is what these people have been showing me, they press a purple stone to my forehead (right on my third eye) and I see these photos of bad and good things happening. Once I saw one of my classmates with a bloody hand, about about a week later I was at an after school activity program and I was walking down the hall and the same kid was in a fight and he punched through a window. His hand looked exactly like what I saw. I got really freaked so I told my friend about it and she mentioned something about psychic activity.

I started to look around the internet about psychics and I tried some activities on my friends. One of them was that they made a bunch of cards and they told me to guess what was on the card, I got them right every time.

Then they got me to try and move a pencil. I tried for weeks and I couldn't do it then one day I was sitting in our school library and I looked at my pencil and it went flying to the other side of the table.

I was extremely relaxed when the pencil finally moved. Was it because I was calm or just a fluke?

I hope someonewill be able to help me undersatand

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midnight2dawn (1 stories) (12 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-14)
thanks samanthaShields, I am new at this too and it is very interesting.
SamanthaShields (1 stories) (6 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-11)
You could have sleep paralysis. When your having one of those dreams, just keep telling yourself to wake up. Repeatedly. Those dreams could also be premonitions, I don't know. I'm kind of new to all this. It's really interesting. Scary sometimes. You have to learn to control it. And when you moved that pencil, you were relaxed, and not trying so hard. When you try, it won't happen, when your relaxed, it will.
midnight2dawn (1 stories) (12 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-27)
thanks mags I have an amethyst that one of my mothers friends gave to me when I was in the hospital a few months ago.
Mags (3 stories) (15 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-26)
Crystals~ All crystals are pure, they are all formed from the earth. Some people have different oppinions as to the stregth of the crystals vs the raw untouched state or man made and shaped or pollished. I have both raw crystals and pollished/cut ones. When you pick out a crystal it's best to pick them up and feel them. If you feel a warming sensation, or your just "drawn" to one over the other... Then that's the crystal for you! Many crystals have diffrent uses and help diffrent chakra points. These can be looked up on the internet. Like this one

Crystals should be cleansed after you buy them (to get rid of any other persons energy that it may have collected) it can be done buy running water over the crystal.
Some crystals should be "charged" so often by placing them under the full moon overnight. Some even charge with sunlight. 😊

Iolite, Quartz Crystal, Amethyst, & Citrine are all good ones to start with. They would work well to maybe help you with your visions 😁

Maggie ❤
midnight2dawn (1 stories) (12 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-26)
thanks for the great advice megs I will try it. I have manye crystals what ones would work best for me do you think and where do you find pure ones? Maybe you could help me advance my gifts.

thanks red414 maybe we you could help me some.
Mags (3 stories) (15 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-25)
It almost sounds more like your connecting on a "medium" level rather then clairvoyant. But it could be the two working together? Very interesting though. You definatly need to try and do some focusing through meditation (research on the internet and you can find sites that teach simple meditation) Meditation is much easier then it sounds. It may help focus you. Try to focus on people (friends that are willing to help you "see" for them) and see what you come up with... This is what I have been doing to help me practice my clairvoyant gifts. But I only see friends that are willing to "participate" for me. (as not to be rude and give info to those that don't want it) Also make sure you protect yourself by putting up a "shield" of white light around you. (this can also be looked up on the internet for more info)
The more you try and learn to focus on your visions, the easier it is next time. At least that has been my experience so far. I have not yet had any Medium experiences so I can't really help there.
I have a lot of's something a friend got me collecting, I thought they were pretty! Oddly enough... My visions started to pick up not long after I got my collection going! I wear an Amethyst ring, Tiger eye ring, and an Iolite pendant. The Iolite I feel particularly drawn to! It also is said to assist in visions. I have the rest of my assorted crystals by my bed every night.:-)
Good luck and try doing more research on it to help you out;-) ❤

red414 (guest)
14 years ago (2010-01-25)
although your visions are definetly different from my own but the differences are only minor details so this is interesting. I would be careful from now on out with the visions from here on out in my experience shadowy figures equal bad.
midnight2dawn (1 stories) (12 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-25)
thx anne and I have been fainting randomly is my problem.

red414 they look like shadowy dark figures.

Chrysanthimumtea thanks I hope it works
red414 (guest)
14 years ago (2010-01-24)
this experience is close to one I have had my self what do the people that are pushing the amethyst against your eye look like
chrysanthimumtea (1 stories) (6 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-22)
Once in the fourth grade I moved a pencil like that as a joke because my friend was getting up to write on the board and told the young man sitting across from him not to take his pencil twice. I moved across the length of the table. Mark came back to his seat and the whole class told him no one had taken his pencil, but it had rolled away. This was after he had accused someone of taking it while trying not to laugh.

I can see how you could be very drained from these dreams. They aren't very restful, are they? If you can't wake up, maybe you can change the dream. Tell them they are wearing you out and you need to rest now. If that doesn't work, see if you can manipulate the dream so that it morphs into something else. I hope that helps.

AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
14 years ago (2010-01-22)
A stone (or crystal) that is typically used on the third eye is an amethyst so I'm not surprised to hear it was purple. You might want to consider picking one up and using it in the physical. This will help with your psychic visions (if you're interested, that is).

Pencils don't go flying around rooms so it was obviously the result of your energy. I thought it interesting though where it reacted in the calm state. To some degree that's how manifestation works. We put our energy out there and then let the universe give it to us. That must have shocked you! I remember one time trying to see the daily lottery numbers while out of body and I asked and asked and nothing. It wasn't until I used extreme will type force that they popped up so it's interesting how manifestation results can vary.

As for being drained, well, not to downplay that but this can happen simply due to puberty, a bad night's rest, coming down from a sugar high, or a myriad of other reasons, I'd not worry too much about that unless it's causing you to faint.

Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work on telekinesis!


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