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Is This Just Coincidence Or What?


I am just wondering if this is just something of coincidence or if it actually means something. Well, for about the past four to five months, I have been waking up in the middle of the night at three in the morning. This happens constantly, even at friends' houses. I could be totally out, not even able to move because I'm so tired, but I will wake up and just stare into the dark for no reason until I go back to sleep. I won't sit up or anything. And other times, I get up and I'll walk around my room, pacing back and forth. But it's weird because it's not me controlling my body.

The thing that gets me freaked out the most, is the movie Paranormal Activity. Don't laugh if I'm wrong, it looked real to me, but I'm not totally sure. It just seemed completely strange to me though how that girl would wake up, or get possessed, or whatever happened to her, at around the same time. Three in the morning.

This happens every night. It happened last night, the night before, etc. I don't know if it really does mean something, or if it is just some freak coincidental thing. But, please, if anyone has any advice, knows what it means, or can help, I would be just ever so grateful. Thank you.

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DarkTears9 (5 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-18)
Nothing is just a coincidence.

Just Felt like saying that forsome weird reason.
FeroxFever (6 stories) (101 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-06)
Hey waking up at that time its normal to be afraid, but really the chances are that you are just scaring yourself thinking about Paranormal Activity.
jeremyRIP (1 stories) (10 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-29)
try using a camera, see if anything shows up, and if it does, maybe you should do alittle research on strange sleeping habits,
Rilan (1 stories) (103 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-28)
I've had weeks where I have woken up around the same time every night. I have half-conscious experiences. Nothing dramatic, or scary. They are what scientists call hypnogogic images. Everybody gets them when they are half conscious, behind their closed eyes, but the ones I have in these middle-of-the-night states are different.

In one of my experiences like that, I think it was 1:09 or 2:30 that I kept waking up (I forgot the exact time), but I felt really dreamlike and felt two presences by my side. I barely remember, but I think I could hear their thoughts in my head. They said they were their guardians and told me stuff, but I forgot most of it. I could only see them in my mind's eye and the images kept changing. Before they came, I heard loud noises and voices.

It may not be posession but just an unconscious state. I have them where I can't stop thinking about one thing and my thoughts are illogical and I can't stop or go to sleep even if I want too. I fade in and out of awareness. It's not really like I'm not controlling my own body. It's more like I'm not controlling my own mind, or I'm controlling it, but it keeps going in crazy illogical directions. I move around and don't fall completely asleep for a few hours. I have one of these about once a month, and sometimes several times in a row. Sometimes they lead to insightful or spiritual experiences and sometimes they are just annoying illogical unconsciousness.

I don't know about "Paranormal Activity." I don't watch R-rated movies.

Whatever these states are, I think they could be useful and they might lead to real paranormal things, but they might also be natural anomalies of the hypnogogic state.

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