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Deaths in my Family


What I would like to discuss is the deaths in my family. And an NDE (Near-Death-Experience). Now let's start off with this. My father died in the Croatian war for independence, I was 5 months old then. The weird thing is that before he went into war he told my mom

"You know, I'm not coming back from this one..."

She told him not to be foolish, but... Sadly seems he wasn't. A feeling from above, or just a normal war hunch?

Let's go on. My grandad, grandma, aunt and my mom, were in a car that we call "fićo" I believe its designation is fiat 150, it was a really fragile car, but yet they lived from a car crash in it. All four, just when you were going to think, hey it's just a crash, here I go with the surprise.

They were run over by an 18 wheels of steel, with a 17 ton trailer. It wasn't an easy recovery for them but, they recovered (except my grandparents, who are the dearest grandparents in the world, and drove a car just so my mom wouldn't have to send us to kindergarden, they were both in their late 60's at the time) who live to this day as invalids.

Now my mom, was dead, yes it keeps getting weirder. She died from suffocation. Gas from the, I think, boiler, leaked and she just slept to death. The doctors said, when she had awaken "I thought we lost you there". No one actually knows how she got back, we don't often discuss about that, not because it's a taboo, it just became normal to us.

She just said something about a great feeling of love and care and a bright light, but I sense there's more to that...

My grandma (on my father's side) was run over by a car about 4-5 years ago. Eyewitnesses say that they don't know what he was thinking. They describe it like this:

"He just kept his head down and crossed while the red light was on". He was also a great grandad. He supported my mom and us with everything he got, most of the money he got he gave to us, or just "threw" it to our bank account, without even a blink. He loved us as we were his own children, which in a way we were. I can't say the same for his wife, my grandma... But let's not be gossipers...

When I was about, I guess, 2, I fell into my neighbor's basement and cracked my head open. My mom says that I was soaked in blood so much she couldn't recognize me. My sis almost lost her eye to a cat once... Just so you don't think that made me hate cats I want to add to the story that I have a little cuddler myself... I love animals.

My mom also had a nervous breakdown on my father's funeral. Is it only me, or does it seems like we are cursed or something.

I remember my mom saying to me that I should quit my demonology studies (personal), angelical and so on because some things are better left alone. And she also told she was into that stuff too and made some wrong moves... Could that be it...

My very stupid uncle once put a, we call it "vražje rašlje"... Which would be something like "the devils fork", under the roof of their house... I hear he's schizophrenic now... But I don't know for sure.

And just to get the record straight... I study demonology but just because of that, I am not foolish as my uncle and I know what kind of s**t it can bring on a man, so I am on God's side... But to defeat something you must know it first.

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hotandcold (5 stories) (218 posts)
17 years ago (2007-09-09)
hey katie, you are telepathic? I am slightly, but not very strong. MY friend Lara is telepathic, and she can read auras, which she wouldn't have descovered none of them if it weren't for me. My psychic power is very very strange :) well my strong one is anyway.

read my story, hot and cold, see what you think.
Katie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-09)
Hi I'm sorry about your lost yeah I was talking to this girl and she was going through what you have been through everyone in her house died we have no clue why but she hasn't got any help she gets scared and it really upsets her that's she's the only one who it hasn't happened to. I've never been in this situation but I think you need help maybe some expert knows about ghosts and things. Demons they don't kill people they just scare you cause I know someone who has seen one and people stories. Demons make sounds of foot steps, red eyes that's what shows they can pause you and take your breath away and stop you from moving they scream at you if you do something bad. They can slam doors and that really. Don't ever play on a spirit board because demons can come if you make a joke and that.
Hi my name is Katie I see Ghosts, I dream of the future, danger and people close to death who are close to me and past life's. I feel everyday is repeating. I see clouds floating over me and half a moon as well I'm not imagining it because I've taken me contact lenses out and there still there they last about 5 minutes I recognise people and I recognise ghost maybe from a dream or past life. I like playing the game guess the number what the other person is thinking. I can send msgs to peoples mind instead of using my mobile hoping they will text me or phone me they end up doing when I spend all time sending them a msg through the mind called telepathic

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