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One Day I stayed up the entire night because I was talking to my boyfriend who I have been with for 6 months. I took some sleeping pills and went to sleep.

I am about tell you a dream but, I think it could quite possibly have to do with all of the unexplained (I refused to call this paranormal) I believe this is perfectly normal just unexplained. I find it sort of insulting to say spirits or other beings as not normal. Normality is in the eyes of the beholder. It is different for everyone. Experiences I have been having my entire life.

I dreamed of an extra terrestrial contact. Now like I said this might help as well. I was in an operating room they were extracting things I was tied to a table while they were sexually removing my seamen. This is nasty but, I will speak nothing but, the truth. Then they extracted fluids from even nastier places. (My behind) My blood was also take and, fluids from my nose. Then lastly my spit and, skin samples.

Then I woke up. (in the dream) I saw a figure standing in front of me telling me that there are good people and bad people out there. Then that it didn't happen. We had a very amazing conversation. I believe I really had contact with him.

Then a spirit appeared right after I woke up and tried to harm me. I heard a voice that sounded like a cow and, a leaf blower combined. Then I stared at it and slowly began to see it. Its mouth was moving its hand was trying to reach in side of me. It was trying to make out words but, had a hard time doing so. It has been following me for awhile now. I asked it if it was good or evil. It said; EVIL. I ran out numb on, my sleeping pill crying in tears to my mother. It tricked me into believe it was my grandfather.

It was a Black and with a hint of Grey coloring. I also have a monkey doll in my room that my grandfather gave me. It is a family heirloom. I have been seeing my grandpa as well.

I remember the moment he died I was in my family room on the computer 4 years ago in December. He said I'm okay. He died of cancer. Also last year during a cancer relay; I was crying during when they lit the Luminara ceremony. I felt him hugging me as he and, my sister as was comforting me. I know it is not him I know that. He loved all of us. I remember watching the newest version of King Kong. Just because It was to late and, I was in elementary school. I couldn't stay up to late. Now I am enrolling internet school due to my emotional issues. I am also bipolar. I also have ADHD. That makes it increasingly worse.

I just really need help. The spirit is in my room at night and I cry everyday/night because it is trying to harm me. It also gives me intense pains. I am miserable. It also causing tension between me an, my parent.

On CHRISTMAS I hit my dad over 20 times or more. It is possessing me. It consumed me. Then the cops come over and I almost was arrested for assault ON CHRISTMAS. I feel terrible and, have no idea what to do. PLEASE HELP NOW! I'm begging you I need HELP! I feel weak and, my energy is gradually getting worse. This is hard on my boyfriend as well. He is really worried. I am to and am concerned as well. I love him. He also has a panic disorder due to his parents dying many years ago in a car accident. I am very worried. PLEASE HELP I'M BEGGING YOU!-Damian

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CuriousPsychic13 (16 stories) (141 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-31)
Well I don't really know anything about alien abuductions or anything like that Damien, and I'm going to guess your older and listening to a thirteen year old is weird, but I'm psychic and see things too.
Shadow ghosts and Demons pop up every where, and it can get annoying when I see a demon coming too close, so I just tell it in rather vulgar terms to leave me alone, and with some energy it does. You have to learn that it doesn't want a strong opponent. It wants a weak target, something to hurt. Tell yourself your stronger then it, make yourself more confident, that sorta thing, and when the spirit comes by tell it to leave you alone.
I really hope I helped, sounds like it's rough.
Laurie16460 (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-31)
I, too, have had UFO and psychic experiences. I believe there was a demonic spirit that was trying to possess me at one time. It seemed to affect my dreams, making me dream of possession and of me murdering my family. I began sleep walking and my stereo would blast on full force and my lamp would glow when it wasn't even switched on. This was really scarey! I was able to finally ignore it when it tried to scare me. This seemed to work, but our situations may be different. I, also, have seen UFO's and dreamed of aliens standing over me. I'm not sure if UFO's, psychic abilities, and ghosts are all related, but I have had many experiences with all of them. I'm also work in the Mental Health field and believe that many mentally ill people are psychic in some ways and see and hear things that we can't. Please try to ignore the negative entity and do things that make you feel stronger such as meditating and create positivity around yourself.
ivar1234 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-31)
Hey Damian

I agree with Annie advice, you should try projecting your aura around you before you go to sleep that way its fresh and you feel good about its defence. Believe me I've been attacked a few times by demons, I have been using this technique in conjunction with praying since I was 10 years old it always works. Please remember that you are stronger and that's why it's taking a long time to possess you by breaking you down slowly don't be afraid it's trying to trick you into believing your weak. Please update if you are sucessful.

Keep fighting
dreamergurl (guest)
12 years ago (2010-01-30)
I know a thing or two about demons and posession... And I think I can help. The black thing you are seeing is definitely a demon. It IS in fact trying to posess you, and you cannot let that happen. You seem like a strong person, and that dream you had tells me a lot about you. It could mean quite a few things... But I think I'm onto exactly what it is, though I can't say over this site.
As for getting rid of the Demon, first you need to pray. That helps more than you could ever imagine. I don't know if you believe in God, but he will help you if you ask. Also, you can try to get rid of this thing a little bit yourself. See, there are, stages if you will, that demons go through towards posession. First there's haunting... Then manifestation... Then complete possesion. You have seen it in manifested form which means it is getting stronger. But it's still possible to defeat it. To try weakening it, try auric repelling. There are lots of techniques, but my personal favorite is a form of shielding.
Be in a quiet, comforatable place, and feel your aura. Have a lot of energy in you, caffein, sugar, whatever you prefer. Then, close your eyes, and feel your aura around you. Visualize it. Then slowly, clench your muscles if it helps, push your aura out. This is more with your mind then your strength, but it takes a lot of energy. Push your aura out in little incraments at first, but as you get stronger, you can go farther. As it's out, fill it with light, love, and much happiness. This will repel the demon. My most succesful one and first one used on another person, lasted about a week. The stronger you are, and the purer the shield, the longer it will last.
Please, if you need a friend, or someone to talk to, or advice, or have questions PLEASE get in touch with me. My e-mail is annie.haftl [at] It's on my profile page as well. God's Love...

~Annie ❤
Diane_17 (3 stories) (46 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-29)
that black thing could be a demon those are BAD very BAD, you need to have your house blessed or somthing. Youy need to tell it to go away and DO NOT FEAR IT, it will feed off your fear and get worse.
Dinaer (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-29)
I can't say what the dream could mean, or wether or not there is any reality connected to it. That would be sheer speculation.

On the subject of the evil spirit:
There is light inside of you. There is life, that you have been given by the source of life, which shines with Light. Call it God, the Mother, the Light, Higher Powers, it doesn't matter. Just know that the only reason that thing is bothering you is because it wants things from you. This means you have more than it does. Use it. Find and feel the light inside of you, and feed it with hope, love for your boyfriend, love for your life, anger towards that spirit. Bathe in that light, and that thing will not be able to touch you.

Don't show fear. These things don't deserve our fear.
I had a similar evil thing haunting me recently, and it tried frantically to get passed my shields. It frightened me at first, until I realized what I just told you.
It is gone now. I made it leave. Stand up for yourself and your own life, with your own lifeforce, and it will not be able to stand against you. If you feel the need, call to the higher powers for help. They will listen.

The best of luck, Damian.
Sam_thewise (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-29)
I am only giving you advice on the sense of the evil spirit. First fear amplifies the control the 'spirit'. Take a moment, and realize that there is something beyond the fear. Second, take your life back, scream it out loud when you feel the presence. Thirdly, smug. Since the 'spirit' is evil to you, I suggest sage, perhaps woven with lavender to alude peace, and relaxation.
Triniti (1 stories) (69 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-28)
first of all the paranormal refers to anything not explained by science, not abnormal
What you have to do is pray, to whatever gods you believe in
Call on your guardian angel (s) and yell at it to leave you alone
Tell it that youre sick of it and that if it doesn't leave willingly then youll make it leave
If you believe in the God of christianity, islam or judaism then I recomend getting blessed saint michael medallians from a local church

Good luck and God bless

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