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Should I Trust My Instinct?


I have had two dreams that have come true when I was younger, so I do believe that dreams can come true. Recently, I have been dating this guy I'm not sure about him, he says all the right things but I still have this feeling that he is not good for me. I really like him, he makes me laugh, although I have noticed that he is vain and arrogant. Anyway, I had a dream that I was dating a nice but boring guy (someone I know) and I left him for my current boyfriend, in the dream I was looking into his eyes, his face looked beautiful and his eye colour changed from brown to gray. We had sex then he turned away and ignored me playing his phone. Anyway tonight I was going to see him, told my mum I was leaving, she told me she didn't want me going out so late because she had a dream that I got raped and conceived a child! This scared me so much that I didn't go out, why? Because while drunk my boyfriend told me that a girl accused him of rape! He said she was lying. At the time I was shocked but then thought to myself if its true, surely he would not be telling me. There's so much I don't know about him and in a way I don't know if I want to, I know he had been in prison he accidentally blurted that out one night, at the time I didn't say anything, I mean it surprised me, and in away I assumed it was something minor, or maybe I didn't want to know.

So I am wondering are these dreams a warning, if it was me who was dreaming about him then I might put it down to the doubts that I have about him, but my mother dreaming about the rape, would he do that to me? He did say he wants to have a baby with me, I want to say I am really confused, but I know what I have to do, but I am scared I am over reacting.

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jeremyRIP (1 stories) (10 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-03)
Your not over reacting, I'd follow your instinct. You'll find the right guy who will make you laugh, trust me, I did, You won't feel weird around him either. Theres to much surrounding this guy that I don't think id trust him. Advice- Follow your instinct
AshGrove (2 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-03)
I agree with AnneV's views. That's my instinct. 'Having a baby' is one thing. Committing thirty or forty years of your life to raising a family is quite another IMO. Perhaps the expression used is yours rather than the man concerned (?) It sent an alarm signal to me when I read it though. A baby is not an accessory... Or a notch on a belt. It's the rest of the parent's life and the child's too.

Try to listen ot the wise (wo) man in your heart instead of gratification. It's difficult often but it will serve you well. Best wishes.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
14 years ago (2010-02-03)
You don't need 'instinct' to tell you that a nicer man is better than a vain and arrogant one. It's basic common sense. The question isn't about his vanity but yours. Are you mature enough to realize that in the long run, stable nice men will be better able to co-share your inner happiness than one that is self centered? I don't know how long you've known this man but as you yourself pointed out, you're still learning about him (and he you) and for him to make comments that he wants your baby at such an early stage in the relationship doesn't show the kind of maturity to make a solid, level headed relationship. Making you laugh is all good but true relationship substance is far beyond that. Dreams aside, I think you know the answer to this one.

Rape accusations and prison? I don't believe in holding a person's past against them but at a minimum, this should give you serious pause. We sometimes get so wrapped up in our emotions that we lose grip on common sense. These things are always more clear to an outsider and this outsider is suggesting you look within yourself to see what kind of person you are and how that attracts "like".


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