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Shadow Guide? Possible Indigo?


This has been a recurring thing for me, and has been going on and on for as long as I can remember. I see shadow people. Well, not so much people really, it's more like shadow PERSON. Everywhere I look I can find him in my line of sight. Most times I see from the torso up, or just the bust of him, and other times he's a giant blob shadow that is quite large. Just recently I've been able to see him in more definition. I saw part of his face, and caught a great look of his eye! He's white, young to middle aged, brown hair, blue eyes, and tall. He has some wrinkles around his mouth, like laugh lines, and some creases in his forehead. I'm unsure of how I know all of this, I have only seen him clearly twice, but I just simply remember.

This man never makes me feel uncomfortable. Partially because I can tune him out when I went to and even subconsciously, so I won't be distracted by him in public or when I'm with company. And also because I believe that he is most likely one of my ancestors.

I also like the aura of him, he sometimes makes me feel very protected and safe. I feel when he is and isn't there, him not being there makes me get anxious, which I do not like at all.

I have told someone about him and they offered the suggestion that he is my spirit, and that I should talk to him, since he sounded powerful. I have tried and nothing happened, I just got the name Tony and someone saying my name in my head.

Another person had the inkling that I may be an Indigo Child. I looked it up, and found that most things could be applied to me and personality, but in an overbearingly obvious way.

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victoriamonki (3 posts)
6 years ago (2017-04-26)
Hi Sigma47,
Are you still there? I would like to comunicate with you about how are you today in 2017, with those "psychic" experiences... For lack of better word.
In your other post, I appreciate your lucidity (it is intelligence/consciousness for me) and not rushing into easy (man-manufactured) conclusions too fast...
Hmm, anyone who is interested into psychological clarity/relevant critical thinking I invite you to check out the eofproject on fb or whatever

Xx 😊 😊

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