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Being Touched By A Spirit


Ever since I was little I could talk to spirits. My mum used to tell me that when I was a toddler I would talk to the wall, saying it's my friend, that he's here to play with me. As I got older, I became more and more interested in ghosts, spirits, anything supernatural. When I was eight, I woke up in the middle of the night with all this information about a twenty year old boy named Tom who was a ghost. I used to cry a lot as a child from anxiety, and I would feel a freezing cold hand rub my arm or back, trying to comfort me. I would look and see no hand, but feel a cold breeze in the form of a hand-shape. Sometimes I would hear him, cooing me, telling me everything's alright. That I should stop crying and it'll be okay.

By the time I was thirteen, I was seeing things. In the corner of my eyes I would see, always a man in a red jacket with black pants and black hair. It was always a blur, but I felt his presence with me at all times. When I was sleeping, watching TV, even changing and taking a shower. I would always talk to "Tom", venting my frustrations or whatever was on my mind when I was bored to him. When I turned fifteen, I used to wake up with cuts and bruises all over my body, not knowing how it got there, not remembering hurting myself. I would always ask Tom if he hurt me and why. My mum thought it was because I couldn't hear him anymore, so he was sad and angry.

Now I'm sixteen and I don't hear or see him anymore. I'm some-what upset by it, I mean he felt like my friend, someone I could confide to. I still feel his presence, however, and still vent to him, even though I know I can't hear him. But I know he can hear me and I think it comforts him that I still talk to him.

However, recently I've been having these weird jabs of pain. For instance, last night I was getting ready for bed when I felt someone stab me with a knife in the side of my breast. At first it felt like a dagger being driven into my body, then it felt like a dagger that'd been sitting in a fire for a while, burning my flesh. Of course I was crying hysterically in pain. I stopped it by screaming it to stop and putting ice on myself. When I woke up this morning, there was a scab like I cut myself and it was healing. I don't understand why this is happening to me. I haven't gotten hurt from a "spirit" in a while, almost six months. I don't know why it happened or by who or what.

I believe that Tom is my guardian. That he protects me. That he loves me. And I love him, however I don't know why he didn't protect me last night. Unless that was him, then I really don't understand why. Why he would hurt me? He used to be my playmate as a child, who comforted me when I cried. And yet he hurt me? I don't know what's happening. Or why I am like this. If anyone can help, please do. It'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
7 years ago (2015-04-05)
How could 'tom' comfort you when you were younger, with a freezing hand on your back?... Don't trust ANY spirit. TEST THE SPIRITS, whether they be of God! See my PROPHILE for more info on the supernatural, and website: "real spiritual experiences". Stay safe. God bless.
dreadmaster (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-05)
you sold try to comunicate and ask 'tom' to help you

Evry one that sees,feel,hear things have his/here guadrian (becose you might be death widout)

You're not the only one, keep that on mind
Somtimes tom might just not seeing anyting

Also as older you get the more evil spirrits wold harm you
But never show fear at al
Showing no fear is the only way to protect youself

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