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Best Friend Who Is A Medium Connects To Child Spirit


We were about 15 in 2005. My best friend Anna & I were walking away from my house with my house directly behind us & we had to have been about 200 feet from my porch when she whirled her entire body around at random & looked directly at our attic window. I tried to ask what was going on, but surprisingly she spoke first. Asking me, what is your mom doing in the attic? I told her my mom wasn't in the attic and she should know because we just left the house & she said goodbye to us from the lower floor. She said oh, well who is in the attic? I replied that no one was in the attic.

She continued to mutter and eventually led up to the question "Who is that little girl in your attic?" I then felt a chill & looked up at the window again as I had peered a few times. She knew very well there was no little girl in my house because we had already been friends for about 2 1/2 years and she knew almost everything about my home and personal life and family. Now, I have horrible eyesight, so if anything what I could see was vague. After I told her there was no little girl she told me "She's about 7, she has a white veil, & long black hair. She looks like she is doing her first communion. She is right there in the window & she's staring at us... Her eyes are weird." I asked if they were scary & she told me no, just different. I guess she realized I was confused or curious because she eventually shook her head slightly and quickly began walking away again simply saying "Whatever." as if that closed the entire situation.

It was around the end of 2008 when my family was remodeling the attic so my oldest brother Tim could move into it as a rented room/apartment area. They began ripping up the floorboards & the strangest thing happened... They found a picture.

My parents were confused at why a picture would be in the floorboards & so was I so of course with my curiosity overwhelming me I asked to see it. In the picture, there was a date, which honestly I don't remember, but it was early 1900. In a church, there stood, with one hand on a table with Christian memorabilia on it, a little girl... Around an age near 7 and at oldest a veil, with long black hair, a white gown...& what really caught me was that she was cross eyed... Staring & not smiling. I was in shock. I automatically told my parents the story.

To prove I wasn't insane I invited my friend Anna over & with the picture upside down I asked her to describe that little girl one more time. We hadn't spoken about it much since the incident years before, but to my great pleasure and amusement she remembered a lot...& then I turned the picture over in front of her & my parents & she threw it back upside down. I don't blame her. I do however think there is more to this story because she constantly hears ghosts & has seen them since she was a child. It is almost an every day or week occurrence off & on with her & to have turned around so quickly to look at one direct point, I think she had to have felt, spoken to, heard or connected to the child's spirit in some way.

My cousin had a similar experience where she was seeing a man walking up her stairs & then they ripped the walls & found a very tiny box of old stamps & old photos, many slightly burned on the edges inside this box... The man was in one of the photos & she could distinguish him clearly from the rest.

Any similar incidents? All comments are appreciated. Read my other stories for more odd encounters & communications.

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