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Middle School Ghosts & Orbs


As usual, I continue to see the dead. Second semester is starting, things are pretty insane now that SAT's are coming in 2 weeks. The dreams I have are slowly coming true, all too literal. These dreams are insanely confusing, but some are totally obvious. I've dreamed of some weird glitch in time and two boys would end up out of my life. The next day in school, they got transferred to another class. Since I don't talk to them that much, I probably won't see them again.

Another kind of weird thing is that I've been writing stories. These weird coincidences keep happening. Parts of my book are coming true in my life. Like there's two characters named Sylvia and Cindy. In our school musical, there's two characters named Sylvia and Cindy. In my book, twin boys transfer to the main characters' school. In January, twin boys transferred to my homeroom, they had been going to a school in Chicago before. Some funny things that mean nothing at all; there was a girl in our tech crew named Cindy Hernandez, just like my story.

Aside from that, I've caught some weird orbs in pictures. Me and my two friends were bored in late October. It was almost Halloween. I had bought some fake blood and scary make-up and effects, plus a CD full of spooky sound effects and music. We were planning on having a Halloween get-together with some of our friends since we're all at different schools. We ended saying "no" to that idea. We wanted to use up our little tube of fake blood anyway. So me and my friend put fake blood all over my friend's face and put purple and black make-up around her eye to make it look like she had a black eye. Then we tied a plastic knife to a stuffed bear and put a hockey mask on it. We laid it against a pole, my friend hid behind the pole out of the camera's shot. My other friend got on the floor and acted dead. So we took the picture laughing like crazy and ran back upstairs. I felt it get a little colder down there as soon as we took it. I went to develop the pictures a week later. When we all took a look at it, there were orbs everywhere. It surprised me that it was more than one. It could have just been a mishap while the store was developing them, though. I'll never know.

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praveen3 (6 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-07)
plz help me.
Mail me if you can - praveen.mehta3 [at]

I need guidance
MytaWolfChild (7 stories) (50 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-13)
I have the story thing ALL. OF. THE. TIME. It's very frustrating, because whenever I get a story idea I see it on TV or online or in a bookstore about a week later, sometimes even a few minutes later. My best friend teases me about it, just because it always happens. The same thing happens every now and then when I take photos for my site.

If you type into a search engine "orbs in photographs" you will get many explinations of why they show up, and see if you can rule out any of the reasons. If you rule out all of them, it might in fact be a ghost. I have caught them many times, and even had a moving one show up during a video my friend was making. It followed one of my friends around the time he said he felt an old-man-ghost following him. Streaks are another thing to watch out for - in one photo, I'm almost completely invisible as an orange streak goes by!

Good luck with everything!
singingcedar (1 stories) (25 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-11)
I read your profile and all I can say is WOW. You are so wise and insightful for a young one. I think you must be an "old soul"
I was awkward and never quite fit in either. But that is ok, this time you are in with your teen years will go by quickly and you will mature into the amazing person you are meant to be.
You are not ugly either, there is a beauty in you that your peers are too young to see.
I also write, but mine is poetry and I compose with my Native American flutes. I am classical trained and play classical music such as Bach and Mozart.
I too developed my abilities young, I even tried to block mine, they all came back by age 15 with the exception of the telekinesis. I too have studied a lot of medical and psychology topics. They are fascinating even if they discount psychic abilities. One day parascience/parapsychology will work together to answer so many questions that we all as human beings can't answer at this point.
I was born in Normal Illinois, most of my mom's side are still in Clinton.
I have learned that at least for me, to associate some of my experiences with my ancestral background. I am Native American, Irish and Ashkenazi.

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