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I Can Imagine Things And They Happen After A While


It has happen many times. I imagine it and it happens. One time when I was in middle school the teacher was giving us something to write and I told my friend "This is not our work" and I stopped writing. After a while the teacher said "Oops sorry people that wasn't for this group" and my friend was like "Ok?".

Another thing that happen was when I was young I really liked milkshakes, and I told my mom that if she could go downtown and buy me a milkshake, and I had like this instant vision of a girl saying "Were sorry we don't have any milkshake now" and like 20 minutes later my mom came home saying that there wasn't any milkshake at the store. Recently like two weeks ago or so, I had like this scary thought of death and I was really nervous tho everyone else around me was really happy, and the next day someone called my mom saying that my grandma nearly died the night I had the scary thought. Other times I dream of dogs really angry dogs and the next day a woman talked to my mom saying that her dogs were all angry last night and they were barking really hard. So I'm guessing that was my vision.

Also I would like to say this, my mom told me that her real mom (because my mom is adopted) deal with witchcraft and stuff. And she also told me that my dad's grandfather also used to deal with witch crafting and stuff like that.

So I need help with this. Do I have some kind of gift?

Should I just ignore them? Or should I work on them and deal with the fact that I can kind of see the future?

I really want to like work on them to like make them better I guess and in fact prevent something wrong from happening.

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Deviation909 (1 stories) (13 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-14)
My opinion on the matter-- I think you should develop your ability. You could learn a lot about it, especially through your family members. If you get good enough at it you could probably attempt to prevent something wrong from happening but that would involve the amount of time which would cross between learning about the scene to it actually happening. Visions that I've had are either a day after or 3 weeks after. The smaller things happen sooner, but the bigger premonitions for me are a 'prepare yourself' kind of vision. I'll be 'told' that I should prepare myself for death, and not much longer after that someone close to me dies, but I end up being prepared and I can therefore help the people around me more.
I wish you luck--
declanp1995 (3 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-28)
it can be the law of attraction or you could have what I have. You know something will happen before it happens. The law of attraction is if you keep your mind on something it will happen. Well to be honest I don't think it works.
Pixies (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-16)
It's called the Law of Attraction. You imagine or match your vibration to a certain event, and it will happen if you believe it.

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