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Talking About My Out Of Body Experience


I just made this account so I'm kind of new to this. I stumbled upon this site looking up the meanings of certain dreams but what I want to tell felt more like reality does. From the stories I read on here, you guys call it an "out of body" experience. Well I'm 14 now but I had this experience maybe five years ago because I was still living with step siblings. Anywa, I don't know how I got there but I was in the middle of my room in the dark except the light from the hallway coming through the doorway. I had a small room which me and my two prior step bros shared. I remember looking to the top bunk because I had a bunk bed and I slept on the top and I saw myself breathing and everything. Then I walked over the toy shelf I used to have and I just stared at until I guess I woke up that morning. And the weirdest part, I over heard one of my step brothers talking to his dad (my step dad) maybe years later and I knew what he was talking about. He said he woke up one night awhile ago while his other brother (my third step bro) was yelling over Xbox live and he could of sworn he saw someone walk from the middle of the our room and stand in front of my toy shelf! During that experience I actually heard the step brother on xbox live yelling at someone who killed him in Halo.

I haven't talked about it to anyone since and I really want you guys' opinion on what you think that experience was.

Thanks much love

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Nikki67 (33 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-16)
hey Amazing Spades,

From your description you guessed it correctly... It sounds like an out of body experience. This type of experience is closely linked to astral projection and also to lucid dreaming, which by the way does feel more vibrant then the waking reality. So yes, there are words for your experience and you certainly are not alone out there. Every one of us astral travels several times a week however few of us are lucid during this period or forget promptly upon waking. Consider this experience to be a gift because you have just discovered first hand that you are more than merely your body. Now you know that your consciousness can go places without your body. There are many fine books probably at your local library on the subject of astral travel, and o.b.e. Plus the 'Monroe' institute may have more info. To offer you.

Good luck

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