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My story starts out when I was nine years of age. I always lived out in the country all my life and was raised a farm girl in a normal household of two loving parents and 1 younger sibling. I also grew up in the Methodist religion. One night as my parents and younger sibling were out back in the field picking corn from the garden, I decided to go in the house and get a glass of water. I was alone in the house. I was standing in the living room when I heard what sounded like a thousand voices whispering really fast at the same time. The voices were very faint at first and then as they became closer, they were louder. They came through the west side of the house and came right past me. The voices were talking so fast that I could not understand a word that they were saying. To me it sounded as if they were arguing about something. I was frozen in fear with every hair on my body sticking straight out. The voices drifted past me and as they blew through, they became fainter and fainter. I was so scared.

This was something that I had never experienced. I am not crazy, nor do I have any mental problems. This has haunted me for years and I continue to try to figure out exactly what happened to me and why? When I finally got the courage to move from my frozen state, my first instinct was to look outside to see if someone was walking down the road, but there was no one there. Other things happened after that, but I will go into that later. I am just very curious to know if anyone else has had this same experience and what it could have been. My whole life I have been searching for answers and I have never gotten any. When I tried to go to my parents about it, they said it was my imagination. They would never acknowledge my experiences, which left me really confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to email me at mdfwelding (@)

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scooter (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-24)
This particular incident only happened to me once. But other occurences such as scratching noises coming from inside the walls of my bedroom and noises of what sounded like something scrambling around in the attic happened very often, At night I would get all the way underneath my blankets in bed just to feel safer. My parents would not let me sleep with them. I never saw anything, only felt the presence of things and heard the voices and noises. If I do have this "gift", how do I work on it this many years later? Is it too late to pursue or do I just need to leave it alone? I was the only one that experienced this in my household, so I felt very alone and very scared and I always tried to block it all out or ignore it. Now that I am much older, I feel more capable of understanding this and would like to find out more about it. Does anyone have any more advice?
123hope123 (8 stories) (124 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-23)
Looks like you have gotton part of a gift. Hearing spirits!
Dont worry they can't hurt you but theyw ere proboally trying to get your sttention and were a little bit surprised when you heard them. They might still need your help thous. Maybe you should try to listen and help cross them over.
- Liz 😊
Automata (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-23)
"It's just your imagination"... Something you probably hear a lot... Probably isn't far from the truth in my opinion... The real question is whether it is "your" imagination... Or is imagination just another realm of interpretation. Something we all have in common. Something we all contribute to. Something some of us can share? That is all debatable...

To shed some truth onto your story you must know you are not alone. MANY people experience phenomena like what you experienced. Some hear it. Some see it. But as the years pass on less and less people do so.

The reason?...

Many people with and without mental illnesses can see sense and feel things that aren't there. The main difference between people is how they perceive them. The prefrontal lobes in your brain cocntrol your abilty to judge what is real, what is fantasy, and at what intensity.

Without outside impulses involved the
Brain is capable of making its own, highly realistic world - a particularly
Convincing "virtual reality". However, lacking the controlling
Function of the prefrontal lobes, people who suffer from this unusual ability cannot judge the true nature of their own inner
Experience. They cannot command these mental capacities, and in rare cases... Becoming their slave.

Hearing voices, seeing
Ghosts, spirits and demons, was probably a far more common, and real
Experience in the past than it is today. Generally today it is not accepted to hear or see such things.

There are important implications here. Since the prefrontal lobes were
The LAST part of the brain to evolve one can surmise that our distant
Forebears and ancient ancestors might have been less able to distinguish between different
Visual and auditory phenomena than we.


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