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Things Are Holding Me Back


I was born in the city and moved around a lot as a child growing up. I was raised catholic and I am a very spiritual person. My mother is one of the strongest women I know considering what she went through in her life and raising a single child. She always did the right thing. One day she decided to go to a well renown psychic (I remember this day quite vividly and I was just a baby). She wrote everything down that was told. So far everything has come true that was told and I'm hoping and praying to god that times can change. If what was told for me and my mother has come true I hope better times are foreseen for my family and for all.

The funny thing is that, what has come true has passed. What my mother copied down has been true. I wonder why this women stopped foretelling the reading? Is it because it was all negative? Or was it to be decided by fate, human responsibility or karma? That's not the end of this story. There's so much more! During my high school years I was an A+ student through sophomore year (to digress a little). I have always wanted a true girlfriend. After some time playing music with friends and meeting tons of new people, I met a beautiful girl through some friends. Everything was going great. Then came an experience I can only describe as believable to those that are spiritual. I feel so afraid to type what has happened and I re-live this shiat everyday. The consequences have already happened for this person that committed this crime. The crazy thing is that I had to give a ride home to this guy and I felt bad because he honestly couldn't remember what happened. I don't think this kid would ever do this to someone else. There's more, my girlfriend at the time her brother was always paranoid about things he eventually broke down and was committed to the hospital and got help.

Now I'm suffering from paranoia and it's ruining my life and I feel like it's ruining others too. I'm a gifted person with talent in the arts and trade. All of my work is failing and I can't get ahead with anything I do. I work on military aircraft parts and there being rejected left and right. I'm hanging onto my job by a thread. Luckily the work I do is X-rayed and what fails will not be put into airplanes. I don't understand why my work, (which I take so much pride in and love) is falling apart? There are a lot of missing details to this story which I haven't typed but only have the patience for what is truly significant right now.

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MAG1 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2010-03-15)
Hia, you are not alone... I too am a artist, with an educated background BSc.

I know how you feel. For me I struggle on deciding what comes first Art/freedom. Or

The balance between the two can sometimes be overwhelming.

As for the life your living they are in my opinion a test on your commitment and also the total opposit... Too ditract you from stability.

This for me too you is my self med... And I hope you can maybe see, this darkness your dealing with is in balance too your light,
You cast the shadow! Dont let it get in your way.

Hope this helps you as it has me. All the best Magi.
moongoddess1 (7 posts)
10 years ago (2010-03-14)
I agree with the previous comment. You might even simplify your life such as organizing your residence or taking on a workout course to experience nature. Try to find one within yourself, connect with the Earth and think what you could do to perpetuate it's longevity and tie it into something you love. Spirituality and phsycic ability need to gear towards love and that starts with yourself. Good Luck.
Athena_and_Kej (23 posts)
10 years ago (2010-03-12)
Please contact Athena at

I will help you find a stopping point to the BS that your going through... You need help... (I will help you for free)

Warrior of the Light
ermacd (2 stories) (19 posts)
10 years ago (2010-03-12)
Drumstama, it seems like you're somewhat stuck on the past. Right now, you should try reconnecting with yourself. Think about what's going to make you feel really good and in tune with things. Don't let all the stuff with your ex and with the psychic take up so much of your energy.

It's awesome that you recognize your abilities and are very comfortable with who you are. It's easy to get caught up with spirituality. It's a matter of finding a balance between that and the present world.

In terms of your work, don't worry about why it's not working out. Best thing to do is accept the fact that things aren't working out. Then focus on being... Being aware, being good at your trade, being alive. Don't let all the things from the past cloud your thoughts/feelings. If you can keep your head clear, things WILL come around. Best of luck to you!

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