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Spirit Guide Or Something Else?


My name is Chris Lopez. I've always believed in the paranormal. Ghosts, demons, GOD, the devil. In about a week I go to court for some charges and a 3rd probation violation. I'm native American and was informed of spirit guides. I was told they come when you really need their guidance and when a major life change is about to occur. I have a 7 month old daughter that I haven't seen since she was 1 month. I've been tying to make changes in my life to be with her. Recently I've seen shadows from my peripherals and here sounds in my basement. Now they seem to go everywhere I am. Work, car, home, friends, you name it I see it. Thing is it let's me know it is there. I was told to try and talk to it. I've been doing tons of research and heard not to let bad spirits or other things in. I don't know what this is but from what I experience and what I've read it seems to be a spirit guide. Like I've said I've always believed but never seen and it scares me. I'm afraid to see what's not there. It doesn't do anything that frightens me but my girlfriend was sleeping with me the other day and experienced sleep paralysis. Friends and family all have witnessed sounds but no sightings. Now they don't sense or see anything but I feel this thing everywhere I go.

I work a night audit shift at a motel and feel weird at night like something is touching me and staring at me. When I get this feeling I get goosebumps really bad and shivers up my spine terrible and get very cold. I've felt it at times and asked if it had a name. The other day I was setting up breakfast and there was a dusty screen beside me so I asked if it could write its name on the screen for me. After I asked it the apron beside me swayed as if something walked by it and my left leg got very numb and shaky and I felt like I was going to drop. Still I didn't sense danger but felt scared. I feel scared because I can't see what's there but know it's not trying to hurt me or it would have already. I believe it may be my spirit guide trying to tell me everything will be fine in court or that he/she is preparing me for what is to come of the sentencing.

When my daughter was about 2 weeks old I was holding her in my arms and I prayed to GOD that if I did some kind of prison sentence to never let my babygirl forget me. As I held her and cried my 2 week old and I stared each other in the eyes for 5 minutes straight. No look always or no crying from her. I thought to myself she is remembering me. Two weeks later me and her mom have our insecurity issues and she moved away with my baby to another state. I'm going through court that way too to be able to see my baby as I filed child support on myself and everything because there was nothing I could do to get my baby mama from leaving. She just left. In 4 days I'm going to be able to see my baby for the first time in awhile. I saw on other sites to be steady and listen.

I was sitting at work the other night and was zoning off at the floor. It seemed to get black and all the dirt on the floor made it look like a starry night. It looked as if smoke was rolling in from the bottom of the door and I seen the shadowy figure on my left. Through this whole thing I said, "I know you're here, what is it you need me to know or want to tell me?" I didn't move, just kept my eyes starring at the floor and didn't blink and it seemed as in my right ear I heard a little girl say "Daddy." I got freaked out got up and went out in the lobby. Something was telling me to go outside so I did. It seemed it wanted me to go to my vehicle so I did. My door was locked. So I started back to the motel I was working at and I looked up at the starry sky. It looked as if there was a mist or smoke floating in the air above me. I got scared again and looked down got by the door and said, "I saw you."

Then my girlfriend pulled up 2 minutes later in her friends car and stayed at work with me through the night. I felt its presence a little today as it just seems to stand and stare at me. It is now my last night at work before I go see my daughter and I am with someone here all night as I train him. So do I be afraid or not. I feel scared because of the thought that I've only seen these things in TV or movies. Now that it's happening to me I don't know what to think. As said before it doesn't seem threatening, I'm just uncomfortable in the experience. Thanks for any help.

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clopez6 (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-28)
i have a huge court date coming up... And now I'm being told I was seeing and hearing these things because I was thinking negative... So I was bringing negative spirits around me. I have since thought positive and still feel a presence but no goosebumps and no seeing or hearing things... Court is in 3 days and I am to be sentenced. I plea bargained down to 10 years, while I was looking at 35... I am very curious now in meeting my spirit guide and done some research into astral travel and to my understanding anybody can do it? I have said in my head if it is my spirit guide come to me in a dream and usually I don't dream, rather I don't remember them because I know everybody dreams. I've had a ringing in my left ear now and I'm starting to remember dreams. Like the other day it was of basketball but it was just me on a fast break for a dunk. I can't dunk but used to be able to and play ball alot. I don't know what this could mean but before I go to sleep now I say to myself 3 times I WILL REMEMBER.
IwanttoHelp (1 stories) (68 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-20)
If it is indeed your guide try to tell him or her to communicate in a other way like automatic writing or to come to you in a dream instead of frightening you.

I hope I helped. 😜

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