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I'm Seeing Spirits


I can do a lot of things from feeling what others feel, to communicating with animals (i.e. Dogs) and I am able to put my hands over someone and know where they have, are or will experience pain. I can draw the energy out of something and then give it to something/one else. And the obvious spirits. I see them all the time in my bed room and that is uncomfortable for me because that is my space where I can do/ be what I want and not have to pretend for anyone. I have told one person about what I can do and before I knew it the whole school knew! Now every one calls me "ghost girl" or "dog whisper". But that is beside the point.

One of the many time's I saw a spirit/ghost I was in my room lying backwards on my bed and I saw something in the corner of my eye so I turned around and a man wearing a blue setter and black glowing eyes was hovering over me I stared at him for what I swore to be ten minutes before he turned around and vanished. Another time I was up late and all of the sudden I got this really negative feeling. In the corner of my room I looked and I didn't physically see anything but you know how some times you see things in your mind's eye well I saw this orange/ reddish thing standing there and I felt poking on my legs and back and there was a huge bang at the foot of my bed. And then out of no where I felt a woman with black/brown hair and cream skin behind me almost as she was keeping it away from me -even as I tell you about it now I feel a strong urge to look behind my back and I do so every few seconds.

So then my dad came in my room because he heard the bang too and I started to cry because I didn't want him to leave me alone with what ever was in the corner of my room. So I went to sleep in the living room on the sofa because my mom had fallen asleep there. So as soon as I lied down I felt it by me again but this time the woman was like inside of me I could feel her in my body and fighting away what ever it was. The more I talk about it the worse I feel it is hard for me to breath and I feel it behind me. I am not asking for a lot just for people to comment and tell me what they think it is and PLEASE none of that God stuff, I pray to a Goddess. But either way if you could just talk I will cheek daily.

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SeekingKnowledge (7 posts)
13 years ago (2010-04-05)
You poor thing. First of all, who or whatever you pray to is all your own choice. We are all at our own levels of spiritual understanding. I too believe in a Mother God, but a Father as well. It makes sense, to have one with the other and v/v. Anyway, I suggest that you talk to whatever is bothering you and tell it to leave. Announce, just like you said, it is your space, and it's not allowed. Also, you can surround yourself with a white light. Imagine pure love and positivity around you and in your house. I think that taking comfort in the woman that is with you is a very good thing. You can call on other entities to help you. Do you believe in angels? There are so many helpful "beings" ready to answer our call, just pray. If you send out enough love and positive energy it will override whatever is bothering, visiting, there with you. Perhaps as you are more aware of entities around you, you will be able to tune into what they are there for. Though it may be scary, certain things may just be drawn to your light, seeking help maybe. All I know is that if you are brave enough to stare at "it" for something like minutes on end, then you may be able to muster up the umph to either ask it what it wants, or tell it to leave your space. I hope this helps. These suggestions are just things I've have learned other places and they bring my comfort. Good luck- ❤ 😉 ❤
brooke_wortham (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-23)

You and I are like psychic ability twins! 😁

I know that it is scary though that sounds so repetitive. I feel as though you need to set boundaries with all of your ablities. And most of all... DON'T BE SCARED!

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