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A Grim Future For New York


Today's date is March 23, 2010.

Hello, I live in New York, Long island, the island that is in front of New York, near Rhode Island.

I have something to share that is troubling. First I must tell you there is a volcano on La Palma in the Canary Islands, if it erupts, due to its rainy climate, there will be a massive landslide and it would cause a tidal wave. The tidal wave is estimated to be very large. And well also, I think the government and the illuminati are doing something because I saw a lot of government planes and because if they hit are large area with a natural disaster then they can declare martial law and have total control. And maybe Haiti and Chile and Japan and ECT were missed attempts of their thing called HAARP.

Another thing is that a week before Haiti earthquake to now my cousin has been having dreams of a Tidal wave. I also found out my friend's birthday is March 27, and that two disasters occurred on that day, and three is a magic number. Also as he told me this a flood warning came on my T.V. And my weather channel had no flood warning on it.

A few days before I prayed to Jesus to ask him if it was going to happen and to tell me by giving me a sign. As I prayed my guinea pig ran in circles biting the air, then I felt sick, then I fell on to a tree and got these cuts on my back, then I screamed in the middle of the night. After I asked God why? And When? God answered when my friend told me about his dream and God answered Why? When I was at religion class. My religion teacher gave a speech on how something bad was going to happen to America because we were not following God's will. Then I started shaking. I told the religion teacher the story after.

The reason why I'm so concerned about death and Tidal waves is because of that when I was younger I would constantly imagine myself dying. But I also had a dream about a Tidal Wave: The first dream I was going on a field trip and while I was on the field trip the water receded and I yelled "TIDAL WAVE" and ran away and hugged a tree. The first wave I survived but the second wave I ran into a shed and died. I woke up at 11:11 then I went back to sleep and woke up around 9. The same morning. The second dream was the same but I tried to stop it but failed. In the third dream it kept coming and coming until I prayed, then everything was back to normal. I prayed in real life and I got a dream note saying it was canceled. When I went on the field trip in real life every detail of the first two dreams location was true! Last summer I asked God if I really stopped a tidal wave or if it could come again and I got a beautiful cloud display, unnatural beautiful yet natural. And also last summer I had a lot of dreams that I died in! But not like fall of a cliff die, but actual heaven or spirit world or ghost or just what happens after.

So do you think there could be a Tidal Wave, and if you have any predictions about it.


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VendettaSiblings (guest)
11 years ago (2010-06-07)
Hello Christina.

It's Val, remember me? When you get this, please email me at VendettaSiblings [at] It's important. Thanks.

brooke_wortham (guest)
12 years ago (2010-03-25)

That sounds like a premoition. I have had a similar one. I dreamt that there was a wave that drowned a cruise ship that I was on. I feel as though it might happen soon. Let's pray that it doesn't happen!
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-25)

In the past, which I think it when the year was 2005 I guess. I had many dreams about huge tsunamis and tidal waves. The biggest tidal wave I had dreamed was about taller than a big football colliseum. Good day to you 😊 ❤ 😉

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