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Two New Abilities And The Dream


It's me, Grace, again. So if you've read my last story, you'd know that I'm 13 and have crazy abilities and yada yada yada! So in case you didn't then I'll just catch you up. So I can influence Air and Earth. Air: make breezes, wind, mini tornadoes, etc; pretty much everything. With Earth: I can talk to trees and plants, make grass turn green and grow, and make flowers bloom (: It's really very pretty. (: But that's pretty much it for Earth because I haven't completely mastered it like Air yet. Also I'm an empath and I start to show that emotion if it get's too strong. Also I can see auras, but I think, okay know, that starting to fade because they're getting more and more translucent and today I couldn't even see them barely. But I always know what color because it's like a little voice in my head tells me. Well I can pretty much see any kind of energy anyways which brings me to this next one; I can see/sense/communicate with spirits too. But let me tell you, I can't STAND that one. AT ALL. So I try to ignore it because it freaks me out. This last one, I don't know what's up with it. Okay so I can kind of make any outcome how I want it to be. Like, if I want something I close my eyes, will myself to ge it, and then my heart start tingling and it feels like I'm shimmering or something, and it happens. Or if I want my team to win, I can make it happen by doing the same thing.

Now this is the part where I get to my two new abilities. So the first one I discovered is that I have started writing prophetic poetry about the end of the world. And some different stuff that's been coming true but I don't really want to talk about what. So, is this normal? Well for psychics? Please comment and tell me.

Also this is ability number two that I just discovered recently, well a couple of weeks ago but STILL. I can control people's dreams. I can send stuff into them, change them, make them remember them or not, etc. Now I do not get this at ALL. Can you guys please help with this too? Is this dream walking or something? Have you ever heard of it? Because I haven't.

This is the scary dream part. So okay I just had this dream last night. So in the dream there were demons. Like, everywhere. It was so bizarre! It was like I was watching a video like on youtube or something and once I clicked on it, I was there. Like inside the video. So here's what happened, I kept seeing ladies getting raped by the demons. Like they didn't know what was happening because the demons were invisible to them, but I could see them. And no I didn't think about ladies getting raped because first of all, I'm 13, and second of all, I'm a girl so yeah. So anyway, they were killing people and possessing them too. Truly scary. But one "video" stuck out the most. There was this pale lady with pale blond hair and no make-up on and like just a white dress on and she was walking like she was possessed. And there was a lady demon behind her, half solid form, half misty form so she kept hovering near or close to the lady. The demon had more of a dirty blond type hair, she was pale but she had like a black misty shadow around her so, and she had make-up on. I wasn't looking at them anymore in the dream but I could feel that the demon did something to the lady. I don't know why this is sticking out but I can feel there might be a meaning. Do any of you know what it means? Please comment/help! Or e-mail me if you'd like. It's bubbles-mickey[at]

Thank You!

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