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Born With The Veil


My Story begins on a hot, sunny day in Saint Louis. It was about 4pm.

I had just finished watching cartoons with my cousin. We went to the Epps corner store to get some candy. I saw my friend Dee Dee, who was about 18, a young hustler with 4 pagers on his hip. He was cool, even with his glass eye he was one of the nicest hustlers on my block. I sneaked and stole one of his pagers and he didn't notice. I went back in the store and gave it back to him as I was just kidding around. He smiled and gave me $5. He was very nice to me.

At 9 years old, that was a lot of money and I was happily on my way back to the house with my cousin in tow.

I woke up the next day, Saturday and watched my cartoons, went out to play basketball. I asked where Dee Dee was and I was told he had been murdered. Shot to death at a red light right outside White Castle.

I was sad and I cried a little bit. I went home to tell my Mom.

She hugged and comforted me, saying he was in a better place.

After dinner that evening, I sat in the living room with my two cousins as we watched Beetle juice. I heard somebody call my name and I said "Huh?" to my cousins. They didn't say anything to me.

I turned around to look out the hallway door. I saw Dee Dee standing there. I felt paralyzed. My eyes were glued. He did not speak or move.

He just stood there looking pleasant. He looked real like my memory of him, he wasn't bloody or scary. Knowing full well he was dead I jumped off the couch and ran to my cousins. They thought it was a joke at first until I burst into tears, begging them to please look and see if Dee Dee was still there.

They did not see anything and asked if I was sure I saw him. They hugged me and tried to calm me but I wanted to tell my Mom. She told me it was going to be alright. She also told me I was born with a veil on my face. A membrane like the sac babies are in covered my face too. That sometimes spirits have unfinished business on this earth. She asked how did he look to me. I told her he looked happy.

She said he was letting me know he was okay. She hugged and kissed me.

Unable to wind down to sleep I had to stay up all night until I finally passed out. Yep you guessed right, in Mom's bed.

A couple weeks later me and my cousin had a shared experience.

This was the first of many times I have seen the dead.

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7Ringing-Out7 (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-16)
I don't how to express it exactly, but I think that I could empathically feel the emotions of your story. Very neat story.
CaliSands (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-25)
Since the first time you told me this story, I knew it belonged somewhere like this. I'm so proud you have shared it here where others can use that experience as proof they are special and not crazy. Others who have had similar experience may now connect dots in their own lives. Maybe someone else here was born with a veil. 😊

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