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Visions Since I Can Remember


Since I was a toddler I have had many visions, flashbacks, and dreams about people I have never seen before but I tend to meet them only days later! I can sense others emotions when I get too close to them so I tend to hide from those who upset or embarrass easy. My parents and my friends are not aware of my abilities and even if I told them they would think I was a nut job! Once my I told my friend at a slumber party I had this power to glimpse into the future, (which I do posses but have no control over) so she asked me to tell her something about her future. I took her hand and concentrated on her emotions which seem to register as soon as I touch someone, and I saw her standing tall amongst my fellow students as school secretary. And a year later it cane true.

Also I tend to see peoples auroras if I stare at them for too long. Once my friend Chris was playing with his ipod in class, and I just decided to watch him, and out of no where his figure was surrounded with this pale shade of yellow which to me represents boredom. Colors that appear to match a mood tend to pop into my mind and onto the auroras of the people I see. So am I freak? How can I tell my parents? I still need advice on how to deal with this so please any advice shall do, and is widely appreciated.

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Ashwah25 (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-27)
Can someone please comment I would truly apperciate it a lot

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