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Growing Up In My Mom's House


First of all "Thank you" to anyone that decides to read my story. I am 37 years old and I am still trying to understand "me":) and any "gifts" I have. I believe I am empathic since I pick up on emotions and feelings of others. Even people I do not know very well. I also believe I may also have other gifts but do not know what they truly are.

At times, I have vivid dreams and do not understand them until later on or an "idea" comes to me about someone famous that's living and I have learned to pay attention to the headlines because it usually, comes true. I can sense when someone is going to die, another famous person. They end up passing away shortly after. I don't understand "why" they have been famous. This sounds strange, but true. I was also brought up in a home that my mother's religion (Jehovah Witness) that anything (ghosts, spirits,etc) is considered demonic. So I learned very quickly not to discuss my feelings with my mother. When I did mention any noises I heard, she would dismiss it as "My imagination" or "Maybe it was a mouse?" If anyone has any advice, suggestive reading or just a comment, please send it my way.

Growing up I've had "Something" sit on my bed several times, sheets get tight around me, strange noises and voices, headaches, being tired all the time, the list goes on. I have never seen a "Ghost or Spirit."

When my father died after a long illness. I was 13 years old. I remember driving with my mother to the hospital that day and she was panicked and I was staring out the window, very calm. I already knew he died. I told my mother: "She should slow down because he's gone. You shouldn't rush to the hospital, it's okay now. It's over. Dad isn't suffering anymore." She didn't understand me. Soon after he passed away, I was laying in bed facing the wall, all curled up with my blankets and my deceased father called out my name. I froze and covered up my head because I was scarred. I never turned around.

Before my father passed away my mother and him were out of the country and my brother was staying at my house to take care of me. He decided to pick up a pizza and I would stay home because I had a headache. When he left, I was completely alone laying in my bed. I heard both of my parents speaking to each other in the family room of the house but could not hear what they were talking about. I was soo scarred that I wedged myself between my bed and the wall. I had to use the restroom so bad that I almost peed my pants. When I couldn't hold it anymore, I got up and ran to the bathroom locking the door. I stayed locked in the bathroom until my brother came back with dinner. I never told him.

I always felt like something or someone was watching me. Not in a good way, but like something bad in the house. Since I would be home from school by 4p.m. My mother would get home from work by 7p.m. I would be home alone a lot. Sometimes, I would wait outside until she came home from work, because I felt really uncomfortable being alone in the house. Since my father's passing I feel that his spirit is protecting my mother because something else is also in the house.

Once my mother had a bible study group at her house and once everyone left, we went to bed. I was asleep and was woken up by noises I heard in the kitchen (other side of the house). It sounded like someone was climbing in through the window, the mini blinds were making noise, I could hear every movement they were making. Sounded like someone was climbing in through the window to the counter top and jumped down to the floor. The strange thing is that they stayed in the kitchen never leaving. I could hear silverware moving around. I figured that I would pinch myself to see if I was awake and I said out loud "I am pinching myself I am awake, I do hear the noise." After a long few moments of doing this, I got up and went to my mothers bedroom and she called police (I thought someone was in the house). The police came in and did a search... No windows were open, no one was hiding. No evidence of a disturbance.

My sister was tragically murdered many years ago and I believe she came to visit me while at work. I worked in an office and arrived early and my boss was working in his office by the back door and all the lights were off and doors locked. I walked to my desk and smelled her perfume. I froze. I went to his office and asked if his wife was here or if he had seen any clients early that morning or if he was up front by my desk at all. (I was trying to figure this out). He said "No, I came in through the back door into my office and haven't left."

I currently work in a hospital and one day I went into an area that no one was in to return something (lights were off) and someone called out my name. I did not turn around, I left. Another incident that happened while working, I was listening to music, loudly through my iPod and I heard two people talking around the corner from where I was. Couldn't make out what they were saying but I walked over to where I knew they were and no one was around. Later that night, I was in the same area speaking to a co-worker (I never told him) and he turned his head towards the earlier occurrence and pointed in that direction and turned towards me to see if I also heard it. I said "Yes, I hear it." He wanted to leave and while we were leaving the lights above me were flickering. We walked over across the hallway to a different spot and the lights above me were flickering. We decided to go downstairs to hang out with other co-workers.

I could go on and on but this is just a few that stand out.

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Aquaxamatista (1 stories) (62 posts)
11 years ago (2010-03-27)
Wow! Thats incredible! You can definitly can sense, hear or! Your soo brave! I don't think I can stand that. I'm actually really afraid. I know I can probably see ghost because I can feel them but I tell to go away because I want nothing to do with ghost. And I get visions or predictions of future events and they normally tend to be negative or sad so before I see them I tend to think of something else and try really hard not to know or see this prediction. Anyway if you have any questions email me at Amatistaf [at]
~Aqua ❤

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